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NA Digest Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Volume 21 : Issue 6

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Daniel M. Dunlavy
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From: Aleksei G. Sorokin
Date: February 12, 2021
Subject: QMCPy Version 1.0, A Quasi-Monte Carlo Software Library in Python

The developers of QMCPy are happy to announce the release of version
1.0 on February 12, 2021, Chinese New Year. QMCPy is an open source
Python 3 quasi-Monte Carlo software library combining low discrepancy
sequence generators, QMC cubatures, stopping criteria, and use cases.
Pointers to the Github repository, documentation, a blog, and
tutorials, can be found at We invite your feedback,
issue submissions, and pull requests.

From: James V. Lambers
Date: February 11, 2021
Subject: New Book, Explorations in Numerical Analysis: Python Edition

Explorations in Numerical Analysis: Python Edition
by James V. Lambers, Amber Sumner Mooney, and Vivian A. Montiforte
World Scientific, Singapore, 2021. xvi+692 pp.
ISBN: 978-981-122-793-6 (hardcover), 978-981-122-934-3 (paperback)

This textbook introduces advanced undergraduate and early-career
graduate students to the field of numerical analysis. Topics covered
include error analysis, computer arithmetic, the solution of systems
of linear equations, least squares problems, eigenvalue problems,
polynomial interpolation and approximation, numerical differentiation
and integration, nonlinear equations, optimization, ordinary
differential equations, and partial differential equations. For each
problem considered, the presentation includes the derivation of
solution techniques, analysis of their efficiency, accuracy, and
robustness, and details of their implementation, illustrated through
the Python programming language. This text is suitable for a year-long
sequence in numerical analysis, and can also be used for a
one-semester course in numerical linear algebra.

From: Pamela Bye
Date: February 16, 2021
Subject: IMA Early Career Mathematicians, ONLINE, Mar 2021

IMA Early Career Mathematicians' Spring Conference 2021
Saturday 13 March 2021, Online Event via Zoom

The conference will interest mathematicians early in their career, in
academia and industry, students of mathematical sciences, as well as
those with an interest in the subject. It will feature plenary talks
from distinguished speakers covering a wide range of subjects, as well
as a networking activities. This is a perfect opportunity to learn
about fascinating areas of mathematics and its applications from
people that work on them, whilst also providing you the chance to
become more involved with a professional body of mathematics. The
networking event will allow you the opportunity to meet people with
similar interests and find out more about the wide range of careers
that are available.

Invited Speakers and Talk Titles
-Dr Matthew Durey (MIT) - Talk Title tbc
-Prof Nick Higham (University of Manchester and recipient of the IMA
Gold Medal 2020) - "Completing, Thresholding, and Factorizing
Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices"
-Mihaela Rosca (DeepMind and UCL) - "Generative modelling using deep
learning methods"
Abstracts can be viewed at our website.

The Early Career Mathematicians' (ECM) Branch is designed for those
with a maths degree who are within the first 15 years of graduating,
or, those without a degree who are within the first 15 years of
membership. The ECM group has been set up to engage and empower ECM,
and students of mathematics at university, to provide them with
support and an opportunity to network. Further information For
general conference queries please contact the Conferences Team
( Institute of Mathematics and its
Applications, Catherine Richards House, 16 Nelson Street,
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EF, UK.

From: Matthias Ehrhardt
Date: February 12, 2021
Subject: ECMI Applied Mathematics, ONLINE, Apr 2021

ECMI 2021 conference on Applied Mathematics

The ECMI 2021 Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics will be
held as an online conference hosted by the University of Wuppertal
from April 13th to April 15th 2021. The traditional elements of a
biennial ECMI conference such as plenary lectures, an Anile prize
lecture, a Wacker prize lecture, lectures within minisymposia and from
our partner, the Asia-Pacific Consortium of Mathematics-for-Industry,
as well as contributed talks will be made available as synchronous
online events.

Unfortunately, because of the ongoing Corona pandemic, we were not be
able to have a normal face-to-face ECMI2020 at the University of
Limerick. Instead we are organizing a virtual ECMI2021 conference in
the period April 13-15, 2021, that will be as close as possible to the
traditional events.

A registration form is available on the conference website where you can also submit a
minisymposium proposal, a minisymposium talk or a contributed talk.

As usual we will publish a conference proceedings Progress in
Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2021, at Springer, see 'Submission' for
further details.

As a token of appreciation, minisymposium organizers will receive a
printed copy of the ECMI2021 Proceedings.

From: Pamela Bye
Date: February 16, 2021
Subject: IMA Early Career Mathematicians, ONLINE, Mar 2021

ONLINE EVENT 11th IMA International Conference on Modelling in
Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (MIMAR)
28 June - 2 July 2021, Via Zoom,

The 11th International Conference on Modelling in Industrial
Maintenance and Reliability (MIMAR) will take place virtually via Zoom
from 28 June - 2 July 2021. This event is the premier maintenance and
reliability modelling conference in the UK and builds upon a very
successful series of previous conferences. It is an excellent
international forum for disseminating information on the
state-of-the-art research, theories and practices in maintenance and
reliability modelling and offers a platform for connecting researchers
and practitioners from around the world.

The scope of the conference includes: Engineering Economy and Cost
Analysis, Life cycle/performance analysis, Maintenance and Reliability
Modelling, Prognostics and Health Management, Reliability and
Maintenance Engineering, Safety, Security and Risk Management, Spare
Parts Supply Chain Management, Warranty Management and Data Analysis

Presentations are encouraged on the theory or application of
maintenance and reliability for: Autonomous Systems, Cyber-physical
systems, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Decision Analysis and
Methods, Human Factors, Information Processing and Engineering,
Manufacturing Systems, Expert Elicitation, Operational Research,
Production Planning and Control, Quality Control and Management,
Resilience Engineering, Sustainability, Systems Modelling and
Simulation Abstracts of 100-200 words need to be submitted via MyIMA
Portal by 13 March 2021. All submissions are subject to rigorous
review before an acceptance decision is made.

Optional paper submission to for conference
proceedings by 15 May 2021. Final deadline for acceptance for
conference proceedings by 15 June 2021. Submission of extended papers
for consideration for fully refereed special issue of Journal of Risk
and Reliability by 1 November 2021.

From: Pamela Bye
Date: February 09, 2021
Subject: IMA Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability,

ONLINE, Jun-Jul 2021

4th IMA Conference on Nonlinearity and Coherent Structures
7- 9 July, 2021, Online Conference via Zoom Webinar

Nonlinearity plays an important role in many fields of Science,
Engineering and Technology. The aim of this conference is to bring
together researchers working on aspects of nonlinear phenomena and to
encourage interaction between experts from different areas such as
Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics,
Engineering and Physics. Recent theoretical developments, new
computational methods and experimental findings will be presented and
discussed. We plan to avoid parallel sessions and foster as much as
possible communication across the different communities. Please note
that due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic this event will be fully
virtual and held on Zoom.

Conference topics: Integrable systems and soliton theory; Nonlinear
waves and nonlinear evolution equations; Dispersive hydrodynamics;
Rogue waves and extreme wave phenomena; Instabilities in nonlinear
media; Coherent structures and turbulence; Nonlinear phenomena in
physical and biological sciences; Phenomena at the interface of
nonlinear waves and machine learning

For scientific queries please contact: Dr Karima Khusnutdinova
(Loughborough University) - For general
conference queries please contact the Conference Department -

From: John R. Gilbert
Date: February 16, 2021
Subject: Submission Deadlines Extended, SIAM ACDA21, USA, Jul 2021

The submission deadlines for the 2021 SIAM Conference on Applied and
Computational Discrete Algorithms (ACDA21) have been extended. The new
deadline is Monday, March 8, 2020, for all types of submission.

The SIAM Conference on Applied and Computational Discrete Algorithms
is a new conference that brings together researchers who design and
study combinatorial and graph algorithms motivated by applications.
ACDA is organized by SIAM under the auspices of the SIAM Activity
Group on Applied and Computational Discrete Algorithms. ACDA subsumes
the long-running series of SIAM Workshops on Combinatorial Scientific
Computing, and expands its scope to applications of discrete models
and algorithms across all areas in the physical and life sciences and
engineering, the social and information sciences, and anywhere
discrete mathematical techniques are used to formulate and solve
problems in the world. ACDA invites papers on the formulation of
combinatorial problems from applications; theoretical analyses; design
of algorithms; computational evaluation of the algorithms; and
deployment of the resulting software to enable applications.

The conference will include a refereed proceedings and additional
submitted talks that are not part of the proceedings. It will also
include invited talks, an industrial problem session, a poster
session, and one or two minitutorials to introduce general topical
areas in applied combinatorics. Awards will be given for best paper,
best poster, and best student presentation.

Submission instructions, invited speakers, and other details are at

From: Cluster of Excellence Mathematics M=C3=BCnster mm.application@uni-mue=
Date: February 16, 2021
Subject: Assistant Professor Positions, Mathematics, Univ Munster

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Munster:
Dynamics-Geometry-Structure at the University of Munster invites
applications for two MATHRIX Assistant Professorships in Mathematics
salary level W1.

One of the positions will be filled in an area of theoretical, and one
in an area of applied mathematics. The professorships are for three
years with the possibility of an extension for another three years
upon positive evaluation. In exceptional cases, a position may be

Call and further information at

From: Charles Puelz
Date: February 10, 2021
Subject: Research Associate Position, Fluid/structure interaction,

Baylor College of Medicine

We are hiring a Computational Research Associate in our group. A
summary of the position is here:

The computational cardiology group is looking for a Research Associate
who is interested in improving the care of children with congenital
heart disease (CHD), particularly coronary artery anomalies, through
advanced mathematical simulations. The team will be creating
high-fidelity, closed- loop, whole body numerical models of the human
cardiovascular system based on 4D cardiac imaging and hemodynamic
data. These simulations will help improve our fundamental
understanding of different types of coronary anomalies and other CHD,
and potential interventions. The initial duration of funding is one
year with the possibility of an extension pending substantial progress
and availability of funding.

More details and application information can be found at this link:

From: Matteo Giacomini
Date: February 12, 2021
Subject: Postdoc Position, CIMNE Barcelona

The research group on Innovative Algorithms for Fast Accurate
Computing ( at the International Centre for
Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) in Barcelona is currently
receiving expressions of interest from excellent postdoctoral
researchers for the Beatriu de Pinos fellowship programme.

The Beatriu de Pinos programme offers 3-year competitive fellowships
to candidates with an outstanding international research
background. The call is currently open with deadline on March 11, 2021
at 14:00 Barcelona time.

The host institution, CIMNE, holds the Severo Ochoa Excellence Award
which identifies and promotes public research centres in Spain that
stand out as international references in their specialised fields.

The prospective postdoctoral researcher will work under the
supervision of Prof. Antonio Huerta and Dr. Matteo Giacomini
contributing to the research of the Innovative Algorithms for Fast
Accurate Computing group on Scientific Machine Learning, an emerging
field focusing on the exploitation of successful machine learning
techniques from computer science for the solution of complex problems
in physical sciences and engineering.

From: Majid Amirfakhrian
Date: February 09, 2021
Subject: Contents, Mathematical Modelling & Computations, 10 (4)

International Journal of Mathematical Modelling & Computations (IJM2C)
ISSN 2228-6225, ISSN 2228-6233 online, Electronical edition:
Volume 10, Number 4, December 2020


Mathematical Model of HIV and Cholera Co-infection in the Presence of
Treatment, Kumama Regassa Cheneke; Geremew Kenassa Edessa;
Purnachandra Rao Koya

Mathematical Model of Herpes Simplex Virus - II (HSV-II) with Global
Stability Analysis, Eshetu Gurmu; Boka Kumsa Bole; Purnachandra Rao

On extension of generalized Laguerre polynomials of two variable,
Ahmed Ali Al-Gonah

A new iterative method of successive approximation to solve nonlinear
Urysohn integral equations by Haar wavelet, Manochehr Kazemi; Vali
Torkashvand; Einollah Fathizade

An Optimum Line Search for Unconstrained Non-Polynomial Test Functions
using Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods, Adam Ajimoti Ishaq;
Tolulope Latunde; Folashade Mistura Jimoh

Modelling the impact of trapping blackfly vectors on the transmission
of onchocerciasis, Julius Tumwiine; Raymond Muhumuza

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