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From: "Craig C. Douglas" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 23:43:32 -0500
Subject: Richard Ewing

Richard E. Ewing passed away Wednesday, December 5 of an apparent heart attack
while driving home from the office. He had turned 61 a few days earlier. He is
survived by his wife, three sons, two daughter-in-laws, and three
granddaughters. One of his sons designed the penguin used in numerous Linux

Dick's career spanned 33 years, primarily in academia, but also included
industry. Since 1992 he has worked at Texas A&M. Before that he worked at the
University of Wyoming, Ohio State, the University of Chicago, and Mobil. While
at Texas A&M, he was Dean of Science and Vice President of Research, as well
as director of the Institute for Scientific Computation (ISC), which he
founded in 1992. He used the ISC to form long term research alliances with
partners in Qatar, P.R. China, and Mexico. He held the Mobil Technology
Company Chair in Computational Science and was a distinguished professor of
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He was also a professor of Engineering
and held a Distinguished Research Chair in the Texas Engineering Experiment

Dick authored or co-authored more than 350 publications and 15 books. He was
the principal investigator on about five hundred million (U.S.) dollars in
grants. Dick believed in big and small science. He had a research and
scientific vision that he worked on through the day of his death, as I
personally observed at lunch on December 5.

Besides his professional accomplishments, including mathematics, computational
sciences, well trained students, and good administration, he was genuinely an
extremely nice person who was considered a second father by many researchers
and colleagues. He freely gave help and instruction to many people who could
not possibly repay his kindness.

Dick inspired a generation of researchers with positive, infectious enthusiasm
for doing science on multiple scales. He inspired both loyalty and a sense
that good work and high quality were better than just following politics at
the office. He was able to work on multiple levels of complexity in a
nonlinear, time dependent manner. In recent years, he was a major proponent of
dynamic data-driven application systems (DDDAS) using intelligent sensor
networks. He believed that DDDAS would inspire new, more efficient Internet
level networks, protocols, and middleware.

My father and I will personally miss him, as will my son who is partially
named after him, along with a large number of people whose lives he touched
and significantly improved.

Memorial condolences may be made online at

A synopsis of Dick's career and his complete curriculum vita are online at


From: Michael Overton <>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 12:33:22 -0500
Subject: Remembering Gene Golub Around the World on February 29

Gene Golub's friends and colleagues will gather around the globe on
Friday February 29, 2008, the date that would have been his 19th birthday,
to mourn his passing and celebrate his life. In addition to a memorial
and a technical day at Stanford, events will also take place in
Adelaide, Canberra, Hong Kong, Leuven and Oxford. All friends
and colleagues of Gene are invited to attend any of these events.

If you would like to organize an event to celebrate Gene in your
corner of the globe on Feb 29, send me email with the subject header
"Gene", to make sure it gets past my spam filter. I will put you in
touch with anyone else "in your neighborhood" who also writes, and
add a link to your event on this page. There are no constraints
on the kind of event: anything Gene would have enjoyed, from
a day of scientific talks dedicated to Gene, to a special
party in your home that is open to his friends and colleagues.

Best regards to all
Michael Overton


From: "Jens-Peter M. Zemke" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 03:57:52 -0500
Subject: Website about Karl Hessenberg

Dear Colleagues,

For those of you interested in the history of numerical linear algebra and
especially Krylov subspace methods, the website of Brigitte Bossert about
her father Karl Hessenberg (1904-1959) might be a useful resource: .

The Hessenberg matrices frequently used in numerical linear algebra were
named after a method invented by German mathematician and electrical
engineer Karl Hessenberg (see, e.g., Wilkinson, The Algebraic Eigenvalue
Problem, p. 377-382). In contrast to mathematical folklore, the method
of Hessenberg is not published in the dissertation, but in a technical

The website contains a short CV of Karl Hessenberg and PDF-files of the
dissertation, the technical report, and a handwritten CV dating to 1936.

Jens Zemke.


From: "J. M. Littleton" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 12:12:03 -0500
Subject: Call for Nominations - George Polya Prize


The George Polya Prize honors the memory of George Polya and is given in
even-numbered years for notable contributions in two alternating
categories. The 2008 award will be given for a notable application of
combinatorial theory. The prize is broadly intended to recognize
specific recent work.

The award will be presented at the SIAM Annual Meeting to be held July 7
- 11, 2008, in San Diego, California. The award will consist of an
engraved medal and a $20,000 cash prize. Travel expenses to the award
ceremony will be provided by the prize fund.

Nominations, including a description of achievement(s), should be
addressed to Dr. Rolf Moehring, Chair, George Polya Prize and sent by
DECEMBER 31, 2007, to J. M. Littleton at Complete
calls for nominations for SIAM prizes can be found at Inquiries should be
addressed to


From: "J. M. Littleton" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 11:53:49 -0500
Subject: Call for Nominations - W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize - Deadline: December 15

APPROACHING: December 15

The W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize is awarded for research in, or other
contributions to, the broadly defined areas of differential equations
and control theory. The prize may be given either for a single notable
achievement or for a collection of such achievements. Committee Chair
H. T. Banks wishes to stress the breadth of the eligible fields.

The prize will be awarded at the SIAM Annual Meeting to be held July 7 -
11, 2008, in San Diego, California. The award consists of an engraved
medal and a $10,000 cash prize. The prize recipient is requested to
present a lecture at the meeting. SIAM will reimburse reasonable travel
expenses for the recipient to attend the meeting and give the lecture.

Nominations, including a description of achievement(s), should be
addressed to Professor H. T. Banks, Chair, W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize
Committee and sent by DECEMBER 15, 2007, to J. M. Littleton at Inquiries should be addressed to Complete calls for nominations for SIAM prizes can
be found at


From: Lars Grasedyck <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 18:55:06 +0100
Subject: GAMM-Seminar on Tensor Approximations, Jan 2008

Second Announcement

GAMM-Seminar on Tensor Approximations January 25--26 2008

The 24th GAMM-Seminar in Leipzig will take place from
Friday, January 25th until Saturday January 26th 2008
(two full days).

The topic of the workshop is "Tensor Approximations"
and related topics, e.g.,
* PDEs with stochastic parameters
* Sparse grids
* Data-sparse, structured matrices
* Applications in high dimensions

Invited speakers are
* Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH Aachen)
* Tamara Kolda (SANDIA Livermore)
* Lieven De Lathauwer (KU Leuven)
* Christian Lubich (Uni Tübingen)
* Christoph Schwab (ETH Zürich)

See also the webpage
Registration is open, deadline for submission of abstracts
is extended to December 20th 2007

Applications can be sent to lgr(at), where (at)=@.


From: "Tran Vu Pham" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 11:57:17 +0700
Subject: Final CFP: Intl. Wksp. on Advanced Computing and Applications, Mar 2008

International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Applications
March 12-14, 2008
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ACOMP is an annual forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and
state-of-the-art applications in the field of advanced computing among
scientists, engineers, and practitioners.

For ACOMP 2008, we encourage the submission of work in progress. Work
carried out by research students are also very much appreciated. We will
provide a friendly environment where researchers can discuss current and
future trends in their research areas.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Grid and cluster computing
- Internet, mobile and pervasive computing
- Service-oriented architecture
- Parallel/distributed algorithms
- High performance scientific and engineering applications
- Network protocols
- Computer aided modeling, design, simulation, and optimization
- Advanced information systems and applications

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of 4 to 10 pages in LaTeX
or MS-Word format. The templates are available at the ACOMP 2008 website.
The abstract must be written in English.

Abstract submission deadline: December 10, 2007
Notification: January 9, 2008
Camera-ready: January 18, 2008
Registration open: December 10, 2007


From: <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 08:30:09 -0000
Subject: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes, July 2008

First Announcement for the Conference on
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes

The conference will take place July 21-25, 2008, at the University of
Heidelberg and honor Hans Georg Bock and Rolf Rannacher on the occasion
of their 60th birthdays. It will be devoted to the discussion of current
topics in numerical methods for differential equations and optimization
as well as their application. It will feature selected presentations on

* Mathematical modeling
* Optimization and optimal control
* Mixed-integer optimization
* Real-time optimization
* Finite element methods
* A posteriori error estimation and adaptive methods
* PDE constrained optimization
* Computational fluid dynamics
* Combustion simulation
* Applications in sciences, engineering, medicine, and the humanities

Detailed information on the conference can be found on the web-site

For the Conference Committee:
Malte Braack, Guido Kanschat, Ekaterina Kostina, Johannes Schloeder


Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 13:29:13 +0100 (CET)
Subject: New Deadlines: The 9th IMACS Conference, Lille, France, Mar 2008

The 9th IMACS International Symposium on Iterative Methods in
Scientific Computing, will take place in

Lille, France, on March 17-20, 2008.

The conference will feature invited lectures, minisymposia, selected
contibuted papers and a paper competition for students and new PhDs.

Main topics:
Large linear systems and preconditioning,
Large scale eigenvalue
Saddle points, domain decomposition,
High-performance and parallel computation,
Linear algebra and control
Multigrid and multilevel methods,
Applications such as image processing, financial computation,
energy minimization and internet search engines.

B. MAURY, France
F. NATAF, France
Y. NOTAY, Belgium
P. VAN DOOREN, Belgium

Submit one-page theme abstract, list of four speakers and titles
of their presentations by December 15, 2007 to Notification of acceptance by
December 30, 2007.

STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION: All students (and new Ph.Ds whose
degrees were awarded after June 2007) are invited to submit a
paper for competition. Registration and local expenses will be
waived for the winners of the student competition. Papers must be
submitted by December 30, 2007.

The proceedings of the conference will appear as a special volume
of of the IMACS journal: Mathematics and Computers in Simulation,
subject to a regular refereeing process.

Title and Abstract submission: December 30, 2007.
Registration: January 30, 2007.
Full paper submission: June 30, 2008.

For more information, please refer to the web page:
or contact us at:


From: NUMGRID2008 Organizingcommittee <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 21:21:18 +0300
Subject: cfp: NUMGRID2008 & VORONOI2008, Jun 2008

Call for participation:

International conference
"Numerical Geometry, Grid Generation and Scientific Computing"
and international workshop "Voronoi-2008"
to mark 140th anniversary of G.F. Voronoi


June 10-13, 2008
A.A. Dorodnicyn Computing Center Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Conference address: 119333 Moscow, 40 Vavilov str.
A.A. Dorodnicyn Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
e-mail: numgrid2008 at
back-up e-mail: numgrid2008 at
phone: +7 499 135 73 78
fax: +7 499 137 13 33

Conference working languages are Russian and English

Conference organizers: Russian Academy of Sciences, International
Society of Grid Generation ( Editorial board of
Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics (CMMP) journal


Abtsracts no longer than 1-2 pages can be submitted in the text form,
as well as Adobe ps and pdf files, or as MS Word files. Abstracts can
contain tables and figures. Abstracts will be available at the
conference homepage.

Full papers presented by participants will be published in the
reviewed conference proceedings. Proceedings will be available at the
registration desk. Full papers can be submitted as Latex or MS Word
files. Paper length cannot exceed 8 pages. The page style is 10pt, two
columns, text size is 170mm by 235mm. Proceedings language is

Selected papers presented at the conference will be published in the
special issue of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
(CMMP) journal.

Important dates:
* March 1 . - abstract submission deadline
* March 15 - notification of acceptance
* April 1 - full paper submission deadline
* April 15 - notification of acceptance
* May 1 - camera ready paper submission deadline
* June 8-9 - short courses
* June 10-13 - conference and workshop

Short courses: A Training Course On State-of-the-art in Numerical Grid
Generation 8th-9th June 2008, Dorodnicyn Computing Center Moscow,
Russia Detailed information to be announced soon.

Student contest: Student paper contest is planned as a separate poster
session during the conference. Papers by students and postgraduates
devoted to numerical geometry, grid generation and scientific
computing will be considered. Detailed information about contest
conditions and prizes to be announced.


From: Wolfgang Joppich <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 06:32:10 -0500
Subject: Multigrid course, Mar 2008

The MULTIGRID COURSE 2008 is given now at the University of Applied
Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, from Monday 17.03.2008 to Wednesday 19.03.2008.
For more information contact
or look at
or go to and follow the links to the course-info.

Please, pass this information to colleagues which might be interested in
such a course.

Thank you, kind regards, and best wishes for a successful New Year.

Wolfgang Joppich


From: "Mislav Grgic" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 23:26:41 +0100
Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS: 50th International Symposium ELMAR-2008, Sept 2008

50th International Symposium ELMAR-2008
10-13 September 2008, Zadar, Croatia
Submission deadline: March 03, 2008


* Professor Sanjit K. Mitra, University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, California, USA:
Image Processing using Quadratic Volterra Filters
* Univ.Prof.Dr.techn. Markus Rupp, Vienna University
of Technology, AUSTRIA:
Testbeds and Rapid Prototyping in Wireless Systems
* Professor Paul Cross, University College London, UK:
GNSS Data Modeling: The Key to Increasing Safety and
Legally Critical Applications of GNSS
* Dr.-Ing. Malte Kob, RWTH Aachen University, GERMANY:
The Role of Resonators in the Generation of Voice

Papers accepted by two reviewers will be published in
symposium proceedings available at the symposium and
abstracted/indexed in the INSPEC and IEEExplore database.

More info is available here:

Deadline for submission of full papers: March 03, 2008
Notification of acceptance mailed out by: April 21, 2008
Submission of (final) camera-ready papers : May 05, 2008
Preliminary program available online by: May 12, 2008
Registration forms and payment deadline: May 19, 2008
Accommodation deadline: June 02, 2008


From: Liliana Borcea <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 12:48:55 -0500
Subject: NSF/CBMS Conf on Imaging in Random Media at Rice University, May 2008

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the Conference on Imaging in
Random Media which we are organizing in the Computational and Applied
Mathematics Department at Rice University, in May 12-16, 2008. This is
an NSF/CBMS Conference in Mathematical Sciences.

The conference format is in the standard NSF/CBMS style. It consists
of ten lectures given by George Papanicolaou, from Stanford university
and extensive discussion sessions led by senior scientists with a
broad view of the imaging science and wave propagation in random

The goal of the conference is to introduce a mathematically oriented
audience to sensor array imaging in randomly fluctuating media. The
lectures will provide a mathematically sound and self-contained
introduction to this emerging field in applied mathematics, with roots
in wave propagation, random media, optimization, numerical analysis
and statistics. The conference is intended to engage a diverse group
of researchers from the academia and industry in this new area of
research and to develop a broad and confident perspective of what is
known and what is worth investigating.

The conference web page is:

With best regards,

Liliana Borcea, Dan Sorensen and Bill Symes.


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 22:37:51 GMT
Subject: Workshops at Copper Mountain Iterative Conference, Apr 2008

Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods ... Workshops

As in past years, we will be holding evening workshops at the
Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods which will be
held in Copper Mountain, Colorado from April 6-11, 2008.
(Web site:

Could anyone who is interested in running such a workshop, please
contact me (, preferably before the end of the year.

Iain Duff
Workshop Chair


From: "Kirsten Wilden" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 09:09:50 -0500
Subject: Deadline extended: SIAM Intl Conf on Numerical Combustion, Mar/Apr 2008

Subject: SIAM International Conference on Numerical Combustion (NC08) -
Contributed Presentation Deadline Extended

Conference Name: SIAM International Conference on Numerical Combustion

Location: Portola Plaza Hotel at Monterey Bay, Monterey, California

Dates: March 31-April 2, 2008

For additional information regarding submission guidelines, visit


From: Claude Brezinski <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 12:59:23 +0100
Subject: Numerical Algorithms: special volume in honor of G.H. Golub

The journal Numerical Algorithms intends to publish a special volume
in honor of the memory of Gene H. Golub who passed away on November 16.

Those who are interested are required to contact Claude Brezinski at as soon as possible and to give him a
provisional title, and a date for possible submission. According to
the number of positive answers, more precise instructions for
submission will be given later.


From: Godela Scherer <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 14:14:04 -0500
Subject: Special volume of ETNA Journal in honor of Victor Pereyra

Special volume in honor of Victor Pereyra on the occasion of his 70th

Second call for papers

ETNA, the Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
(, is planning a special volume in honour of Victor
Pereyra on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

We are saddened that Gene Golub, who promoted this issue, will not be with us
to edit it. Daniel Szyld has kindly accepted to continue Golub's work for this
project in his place.

The special editors for this volume are:
*Jose Castillo (
*Godela Scherer (
*Daniel Szyld (

Papers can be submitted following the general ETNA guidelines, to any of the
special editors, no later than March 31, 2008. The papers will undergo the
standard refereeing process.


From: Steven Leon <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 13:27:01 -0500
Subject: Computational Mathematics Position at the UMass Dartmouth

The Mathematics Department of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is
seeking a tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor, or tenured Associate
Professor, to teach computational mathematics beginning Fall 2008.

An earned doctorate in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or a
related field is required. Preferred qualifications: A research program in
computational mathematics; demonstrated ability to engage in an active
research program in the Department, preferably in collaboration with the
computational mathematics group; demonstrated ability to successfully teach
mathematics at both lower and upper levels; assist with the development of a
Masters program in computational Mathematics; and demonstrated potential to
secure external grant funding to support the research agenda.

To apply, please submit: (1) a letter addressing the required and preferred
qualifications; (2) a curriculum vita; (3) a statement of teaching philosophy
and research interests; (4) three letters of recommendation (including the
phone numbers and email addresses of the referees); and (5) transcripts of
graduate work. All application materials should be sent as ATTACHMENTS to
email communications (MS Word or pdf format) to: MTHCOMP08@UMASSD.EDU.
Review of applications will begin January 15, 2008, and will continue until
the position is filled.

UMass Dartmouth is one of five UMass campuses and is located on the coast an
hour south of Boston, midway between Providence, RI and Cape Cod.

UMass Dartmouth is an EEO/AA employer.


From: Bernard Mair <>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 22:53:36 -0500
Subject: Research Assistant Professorship at University of Florida

GAINESVILLE, FL 32611-8105
Applications are invited for the Thompson-Chandler Research
Assistant Professorship in Applied Mathematics for an appointment
beginning in Fall 2008 with a salary of $55,000 plus fringe for the
academic year 2008-09. It is expected that the position will be renewed
for two additional years. There is a reduced teaching load of 2+1 courses
over two semesters during each of the three academic years of appointment.

Eligibility: Applied Mathematics PhDs who have received their degrees in
the year 2005 or later.

Outstanding candidates in all areas of applied mathematics are encouraged
to apply. Candidates must send vita and list of publications and should
arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent directly to:
Chair of Post-doc Search Committee
Department of Mathematics
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-8105

Application Deadline: January 7, 2008. Reference # 00021508
The department welcomes applications from women and
minority candidates. The University of Florida is an
EEO/AA institution. For more information about the
position or institution see


From: Volker Rath <>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 09:19:00 +0100
Subject: Positions at RWTH Aachen - Reservoir Modeling & Uncertainty Quantification

At RWTH Aachen University we are looking for at least 3 highly
motivated scientists to work in an interdisciplinary project aiming at
the improvement of exploration, development, and exploitation
strategies for geothermal reservoirs, as well as for the simulation of
CO2 sequestration related processes. For this purpose, numerical
software is developed in the following areas:

(1) multiphase flow and phase change
(2) treatment of nonlinearities in a coupled multi-physics simulator
(3) deterministic and stochastic inverse techniques
(4) uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis
(5) parallel computing and automatic differentiation
(6) virtual reality

We are looking for holders of a degree in geophysics, physics,
mathematics, computer science, or a related field. Proven
programming capabilities (preferably Fortran9X) are required, as well as
excellent communication skills, and the ability to work efficiently in a
team. Geoscientific knowledge is a plus, though not absolutely necessary.

The work is part of a larger research initiative involving partners
from RWTH Aachen University, FU Berlin University, Kiel University,
and industrial partners. At RWTH Aachen University, the work is carried
out in close cooperation among the following institutes:

* Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy
E.ON Energy Research Center
Department of Geosciences

* Scientific Computing
Department of Computer Science

* Center for Computational Engineering Science
Department of Mathematics

This university is heavily investing in computational science, with
new degree programs in that area as well as the innovative AICES
graduate school ( which is funded within the
framework of the German Excellence Initiative.

The position is open as of January 1, 2008 for an initial contract of a
year with the possibility of extension for another two years and will
be paid according to the TV-L pay scale with E13 or better depending on
qualification. Applications for PhD and Postdocs are welcome. Further
inquiries or applications should be directed to:

Volker Rath
Email: v.rath(_AT_)
Tel: +49(0)241 8094836
Skype: volker_rath


Martin Buecker
Email: buecker(_AT_)
Tel: +49(0)241 8024919

or in hardcopy to

Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy
E.ON Energy Research Center
RWTH Aachen University
Lochnerstr. 4-20
D-52056 Aachen


From: David Skinner <>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 10:07:17 -0800
Subject: High Performance Computing Postdoctoral Fellowship at Berkeley

Postdoctoral scholar employee appointments in High Performance Computing
are available at the University of California, Berkeley beginning
February 1, 2008. Initial appointment is for one year, renewable
annually with the possibility of extension up to three years. The
postdoctoral scholar will conduct research at UC Berkeley and work
closely with NSF computing centers and the National Energy Research
Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory (LBNL) in the area of performance analysis of HPC
applications, performance tools related to Integrated Performance
Monitoring (IPM), and the publication of innovative research combining
the two.

More details here:

David Skinner
Kathy Yelick


From: "Scott Collis" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 18:19:20 -0700
Subject: Postdoc Positions in Math and CS at Sandia's CSRI

CSRI Post Doctoral Researchers

Department Description: The Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) at
Sandia National Laboratories conducts research in mathematical and computer
sciences with application to a broad range of science and engineering
applications of national and global importance. The CSRI maintains
world-class research programs in computational and discrete mathematics,
computer science, scalable algorithms, and large-scale high-performance
computer systems. The CSRI is the primary means by which Sandia engages the
external computational-science research community and CSRI annually hosts
over 50 faculty visitors and 25 summer graduate student interns in an
exciting and highly multidisciplinary research environment for tackling
computational problems at extreme scales. CSRI researchers have access to
Sandia's state-of-the-art parallel-computing environment, including Red
Storm with over 25,000 cores, numerous large-scale clusters, visualization
servers, and other specialized computing systems.

Job Description: The CSRI seeks multiple postdoctoral researchers to
conduct innovative research in:
1. Informatics: We seek candidates whose work combines algorithm
engineering, software engineering, programming languages, and/or computer
architecture in novel ways to design, analyze, and implement discrete
algorithms for emerging high-performance computing platforms.
2. Scalable Algorithms: Candidates are sought with a strong background in
high performance numerical linear algebra including parallel multilevel
algorithms, algorithms for multicore/multiway architectures, and
object-oriented scientific software engineering.
3. Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification: Candidates with a strong
foundation in mathematical optimization of continuous and/or discrete
systems with an emphasis on the role and management of uncertainties in all
aspects of problem formulation and solution.
4. Computational mathematics: Candidates with experience in advanced
mathematical methods for modeling physical systems including: compatible
discretizations, multiscale coupling of atomistic to continuum models, error
estimation, stochastic PDEs, and mesh optimization.
Outstanding applicants in other related areas will also be considered.
These postdoctoral positions are for motivated and enthusiastic individuals
with excellent communication skills who have the ability to work in a
collaborative research environment. Successful applicants will be expected
to develop new ideas, publish in journals and conferences, and present at
national and international venues.

Required / Desired Criteria:
* Applicants must have (or soon have) a Ph.D. in mathematics, computer
science, statistics, or related fields with a record of academic excellence
(3.5 GPA or higher).
* Programming experience (C++ required; Fortran & Matlab desired) with
knowledge of parallel programming such as MPI, OpenMP, and/or threads
* Communication skills appropriate for participating in multi-disciplinary
teams of mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists.
* Research experience in your field of expertise as evidenced by
presentations, technical publications, released software, and/or work with
* Interest and experience in the use of advanced object-oriented software
engineering practices and processes is desirable.
* Experience in high-performance computing on distributed, parallel, and/or
other specialized architectures is also desired.
To access the posting, go to, click on Employment,
click on Career Opportunities, click on Search Job Postings, enter the job
opening number (59286) in the Keywords field of the Basic Job Search, press
Search, and scroll down to see the posting. Applications should include a
detailed CV, letters sent from at least three references, and a cover letter
or research statement describing your background and research interests.
For more information visit or contact Scott Collis,

Equal Employment Opportunity: Sandia National Laboratories is an Equal
Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V.


Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 14:26:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Postdoc, Computational Cell Biology

Postdoc Positions in Computational Cell Biology

Multiple postdoc positions are available in a new computational lab in the
Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center of the Albert Einstein College of
Medicine (AECOM) in New York City. The goal of the lab is to facilitate
interdisciplinary research that utilizes the power of advanced
computational techniques for understanding the molecular regulation of
cell functions. The lab currently focuses on the study of cell migration
especially in the context of cancer metastasis and RNA dynamics.

Candidates with a strong background in inverse problem, image analysis,
numerical techniques, optimization or mathematical modeling are encouraged
to apply. He (or she) can work in any one of the following three aspects
of quantitative analysis: i) develop algorithms for extracting dynamic
information from live cell images; ii) develop computational techniques
that can identify biologically meaningful parameters from the extracted
data; and iii) develop system level mathematical models that can help
elucidate the underlying signaling pathway or regulatory mechanism. The
candidate is expected to have a close collaboration with cell biologists
in the Biophotonics Center. For a glimpse of their research, visit

The new computational lab will build a state of the art computing
infrastructure in the Biophotonics Center. The initial prototype includes
a computer cluster of more than 30 nodes, multiple computational and data
servers and individual workstations and it will expand over the years.

Please email your CV, a statement of research interests and have three
letters of references sent to Lin Ji at if you find the
goal of the lab fits your interest. Applications will be reviewed until
positions are filled. (Note: lji is case sensitive and ‘l’ is the lower
case of the letter ‘L’.)


From: Espen Robstad Jakobsen <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 10:52:42 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Postdoc position in Mathematics/Numerics at NTNU/UiO (Norway)

Postdoc Position: Mathematical or Numerical Analysis of Integro-PDEs
Deadline: December 17, 2007.

A postdoctoral fellowship is available at the Department of Mathematical
Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The
grant period is two years, and the postdoctoral fellow will be based 1 year at
NTNU and 1 year at the University of Oslo.

The project focuses on analysis of integro partial differential equations
and applications in finance. Depending on the background of the successful
applicant, the focus will be on either numerical analysis/numerical methods or
mathematical analysis of such problems. The successful candidate will
participate in the activities of the Integro-PDEs: Numerical methods, Analysis,
and Applications to Finance project based at NTNU and the University of Oslo.

The position provides excellent working conditions: No teaching requirements,
high salary, office, money for travel/equipment. Moreover, the postdoctoral
fellow will be based at the top two Norwegian universities which have extensive
and modern facilities.

Detailed instructions can be found on the web page


Associate professor Espen R. Jakobsen, phone +47 73 59 35 12, email

Professor Kenneth H. Karlsen, +47 22 85 59 48, email


From: andrew stuart <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 19:02:48 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Postdoctoral fellowships at DIMAP Warwick University

Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Applications
(DIMAP) Warwick University

Applications are encouraged for three postdoctoral
fellowships in Discrete Mathematics. See:


From: "Fan Yang" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 18:18:19 -0500
Subject: PhD and Postdoc positions in Transportation at City University of New York

A PhD or Postdoc is sought in transportation engineering at City
College, the City University of New York (CUNY). The successful
candidate is expected to work on transportation network analysis,
traffic simulation or related problems.

There are five transportation faculty members in the transportation
planning and engineering program with expertise in transportation
planning, traffic engineering, network analysis, infrastructure
management, public transportation, travel behavior and activity-based
modeling. City College hosts two prestigious transportation research
institutes: Institute for Transportation Systems
and Regional II University transportation Center
( The faculty members provide a critical link in
resolving our national and regional transportation problems while
training the professionals who address our transportation systems and
their customers on a daily basis. The civil engineering department
ranks around 70th in US News 2007.

The City University of New York is the one of the largest US's leading
urban public university serving more than 400,000 students at 23
colleges in New York City. City College, the flagship campus of the
university, is located in Manhattan. City College is well recognized
for its outstanding alumni including 8 Nobel prize winners, Fields
medallists, and etc. The Grove school of engineering is named after
Dr. Andy Grove, the founder of Intel Inc, who donated $26 million to
City College. Grove School of engineering is recognized nationally for
the excellence of its instructional and research programs. In
addition, it ranks among the most diverse in the country.

Preferred qualifications include M.S. or B.S. degree in civil
engineering, industrial engineering, mathematics, automatic control,
physics, and mechanical engineering. GRE and Toefl scores are required
in the review process. The online doctoral application is and the
online master application is

For more information, please contact Dr. Fan Yang via .


From: Daniel Kressner <>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 16:54:08 +0100 (CET)
Subject: PhD position in numerical linear algebra at ETH Zuerich

The Seminar for Applied Mathematics of ETH Zuerich
( has an open position to be filled with a PhD
student pursuing research in numerical linear algebra and scientific computing.
Available thesis topics include the analysis and parallelization of numerical
algorithms for solving large-scale dense eigenvalue problems, and the
development of novel eigenvalue solvers for matrices having hierarchical or
tensor product structure.

The position is temporary and limited to 3-4 years after a three month
period of probation. The position will involve teaching of tutorial
lectures, supervision of undergraduate students, and grading of
examinations equivalent to a workload of about 10h/week.

For required skills and details of the application procedure see

Contact: Daniel Kressner (


From: felipe pereira <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 14:53:36 -0500
Subject: PhD Research Assistantships - University of Wyoming

PhD Research Assistantships - University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY, USA (

Two PhD Research Assistantships are available in the Department
of Mathematics ( for students interested
in pursuing a PhD in Modeling and Numerical Simulation of
Multiphase Flows in Oil Reservoirs and Aquifers.

It is anticipated that students will be funded by a research
assistantship during their first year of coursework. Students
will be fully supported for up to five years with tuition and
fee remissions and a stipend though a combination of fellowships,
teaching assistantships, and research assistantships.

The successful candidate will have a undergraduate or MS degree
in mathematics or related field and will have the oportunity to
participate in the research activities of the School of Energy
Resources (, a new, state funded
school within the University of Wyoming.

Interested students should apply directly to the Mathematics
graduate program through the following online application:

Please contact Felipe Pereira for more information:

Felipe Pereira
Department of Mathematics and School for Energy Resources
University of Wyoming

The admission deadline, for admission to the graduate program in
the Fall of 2008, is February 1, 2008. If you are responding to
this announcement, you should also send a copy of your application
materials to Pr. Felipe Pereira.


From: Axel Ruhe <>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 17:38:21 +0100
Subject: Contents, BIT 47(4) TOC

Volume 47 No. 4 December 2007

AXEL RUHE / Editorial 693

AXEL RUHE / Introduction to the Contents of Issue 47:4 697

M. H. ANNABY, M. M. THARWAT / Sinc-based computations of eigenvalues of
Dirac systems 699

ERIK BURMAN / On nonlinear artificial viscosity, discrete maximum
principle and hyperbolic conservation laws 715

LARS FERM, PER LÖTSTEDT / Numerical method for coupling the macro and
meso scales in stochastic chemical kinetics 735

periodic deflating subspaces associated with a specified set of
eigenvalues 763

MARKO HUHTANEN / Factoring matrices into the product of two matrices 793

G. PISINGER, A. ZIMMERMANN / Linear least squares problems with data
over incomplete grids 809

P. SABLONNIÈRE / A quadrature formula associated with a univariate
spline quasi interpolant 825

X. H. WANG, C. C. XIE, and S. J. YANG / The Iyengar inequality,
revisited 839

DEXUAN XIE, SHUZI ZHOU / A new minimization protocol for solving
nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann mortar finite element equation 853

QIANG YE, HONGYUAN ZHA, and REN-CANG LI / Analysis of an alignment
algorithm for nonlinear dimensionality reduction 873


From: JCM <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 01:02:42 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Computational Mathematics, Vol 25, 6(2007)

Journal of Computational Mathematics (JCM)

Volume 25, Number 6, November 2007

Ming Wang and Xiangrui Meng
A Robust Finite Element Method for a 3-D Elliptic Singular Perturbation
Problem. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 631-644.

Y. S. Bhat and S. Moskow
Linearization of a Nonlinear Periodic Boundary Condition Related to
Corrosion Modeling. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 645-660.

Zhenyue Zhang, Yuyang Qiu and Keqin Du
Conditions for Optimal Solutions of Unbalanced Procrustes Problem on
Stiefel Manifold. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 661-671.

El-Sayed M.E. Mostafa
First-Order Methods for Solving the Optimal Static H_{\infty}-Synthesis
Problem. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 672-689.

Yandong Jiao, Guidong Dai, Quandong Feng and Yifa Tang
Non-Existence of Conjugate-Symplectic Multi-Step Methods of Odd Order.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 690-696.

Xinghua Wang and Aimin Xu
On the Divided Difference Form of Fa di Bruno's Formula II.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 697-704.

Xiubin Xu and Chong Li
Convergence of Newton's Method for Systems of Equations with Constant Rank
Derivatives. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 705-718.

Ya Yan Lu
A Fourth-Order Derivative-Free Operator Marching Method for Helmholtz
Equation in Waveguides. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 719-729.

Chunxiong Zheng
Approximation, Stability and Fast Evaluation of Exact Artificial Boundary
Condition for the One-Dimensional Heat Equation.
J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 730-745.

Author Index to Volume 25. J. Comp. Math., 25 (2007), pp. 746-747.

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