MPI contributions to Netlib

The following contributed software packages are applications which use MPI.

file	bmmc.tgz
by	Thomas Cormen <>
for	Library to perform fast BMMC permutations for any
,	multiprocessor system that supports MPI.  BMMC
,	permutations are also known as affine or bit-linear
,	permutations.  Among other features, MPI communication
,	functions transmit only data; and no source or target
,	indices are ever transmitted, which saves bandwidth.
size	21k

file	MSG.tgz
by	Andrei Malevsky <>
for     Message-passing tools for Structured Grid communications
	(MSG) is a MPI-based library intended to simplify coding
	of data exchange within the FORTRAN 77 codes performing
	data transfers on distributed Cartesian grids. The main
	goal of the MSG toolkit is to conceal explicit
	send/receive operations and provide means to place
	boundary data into local arrays.
size	150k

file	links.html
for	links to related software and information