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for	overview of machines

file	alliant.tex

file	amdahl.tex

file	ametek.tex

file	amt.tex

file	ardent.tex

file	bbn.tex

file	cdc190.tex

file	cdc205.tex

file	convex.tex

file	cray1.tex

file	cray2.tex

file	cray3.tex

file	crayea.tex

file	crayxmp.tex

file	crayymp.tex

file	culler.tex

file	cyberplus.tex

file	cydrome.tex

file	elxsi.tex

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file	flex.tex

file	fps1.tex

file	fps2.tex

file	fps3.tex

file	fps4.tex

file	fpst.tex

file	galaxy.tex

file	goodyear.tex

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file	ibm3090.tex

file	intel.tex

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file	ksr.tex

file	loral.tex

file	machines.tex

file	meiko.tex

file	multiflow.tex

file	myrias.tex

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file	nec.tex

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file	printex

file	ps2000.tex

file	saxpy.tex

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file	unisys.tex