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#	The templates files that were here are now in the
#       templates lib  ( ../templates )

file	readme
for	overview of linalg

file	acre.tgz
for	parallel covariance component
,	estimation code available
size	54347k

file    amli.tgz
for     Algebraic Multilevel Iteration (AMLI) method
        This is a Matlab code and test examples to illustrate
        the AMLI technique to construct and use preconditioners
        for linear systems of equations which are of optimal
        order. The test examples include numerical solution of
        2-D second order elliptic problems with continuous and
        discontinuous coefficients.
lang    Matlab
by      Maya Neytcheva, University of Nijmegen

file	arpack96.tgz
,	ARPACK is an implementation of the Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi
,	Method for computing  a few selected eigenvalues and corresponding
,	eigenvectors of a large (sparse) matrix.  It may be used to solve
,	symmetric, nonsymmetric, standard or generalized eigenvalue problems 
,	and to compute a partial singular value decomposition. A parallel
,	version is also available (refer to the scalapack index on
,	netlib for further details).
by	Dan Sorensen <>, Rich Lehoucq <>
,	and Chao Yang <>.
size	651178 bytes
lang	Fortran 77

file	axxbc.f
for	solution of A*X + X*B = C
lang	fortran
by	Stephen Nash <>

file	binary-lu
for	lu decomposition on a binary matrix in binary arithmetic.
by	Burt Garbow, ANL, 11/86

file	bemw.tgz
for	4 implementations of the mixed block elimination method
by	W. Govaerts <>  and J. D. Pryce 
lang	fortran
prec	single real, double real, single complex, double complex
gams	d2a4, d2b4, d2c4

file	bmr.tgz
for	An MPI implementation of the Broadcast-Multiply-Roll algorithm for
,	parallel matrix multiplication
by	Anna Tsao, Supercomputing Research Center,
gams	d1b6
encoding	compress

file	bsmp.f
by	Bank and Smith
for	sparse LU made simple
gams	d2a4, d2b4

file	cg.tgz
for	A collection of conjugate gradient type iterative methods
,	for distributed memory architectures, using PVM as the
,	message passing protocol. Includes demo and X window interface.
,	(371886 bytes)
by	Victor Eijkhout <>

file	conest
for	estimates the 1-norm of a square, complex matrix  A.
,	reverse communication is used for evaluating matrix-vector product.
by	N.J. Higham, 1987.

file	dcgc
for	a preconditioned conjugate gradient code written in 'c' using
,	double precision.
by	Mark Seager, LLNL, 10/26/86
lang	c
gams	d2b1b, d2b4

file	eiginv
for	numerical solution of the inverse eigenvalue problem
by	Burt Garbow, ANL, 11/86

file	gemmw.tgz
for	a highly portable Level 3 BLAS implementation of Winograd's variant
,	Strassen's matrix multiplication algorithm
by	douglas-craig@CS.YALE.EDU ("Craig C. Douglas")  Nov 27 1995
encoding	tar, gzip
gams	d1b6

file	goliath.f
for	Fortran with driver for exact analysis of sparse rectangular rational
,	linear systems
by	Peter Alfeld and David Eyre, 1989.

file	goliath.tex
for	user manual for the exact analysis of sparse rectangular rational
,	linear systems
by	Peter Alfeld and David Eyre, 1989.

file	guptri
for	This package of routines contains robust software with error 
,	bounds for computing the generalized Schur decomposition of an 
,	arbitrary pencil A - zB (regular or singular). The decomposition 
,	(guptri - generalized upper triangular form) is a generalization 
,	of the Schur canonical form of A -zI to matrix pencils and reveals 
,	the Kronecker structure of a singular pencil. 
,	More information of the package is placed in README,
,	where you also can find references to papers describing software,
,	algorithms and error bounds used in the package. The package is
,	developed by Jim Demmel and Bo Kagstrom (adresses in README).
gams	d4b4
lang	fortran

file	hssxev
for	- An out-of-core symmetric eigensolve r for large
,	dense problems. It uses block householder reductions to reduce the full
,	dense matrix to banded form.  The banded form is then reduced to 
,	tridiagonal form and all eigenvalues are computed.  Specified 
,	eigenvectors are computed using inverse iteration with the band 
,	matrix and then back transformed to orginal form.
by	Roger Grimes, Boeing Computer Services, Nov 1987
gams	d4a1

file	ibmblas3
for	A Fortran implementation of the Level 3 BLAS optimized for the 
,	IBM 3090. Bo Kagstrom Tue Oct 30 10:37:01 1990
gams	d1b

file	iccg
for	nonsymmetric sparse solver using implicite normal equations
by	Dongarra, Leaf, and Minkoff.
lang	fortran
gams	d2a4

file	iccg-doc
by	Dongarra, Leaf, and Minkoff.

file	iccg-paper
lang	troff
by	Dongarra, Leaf, and Minkoff.

file	ilu.tgz
lang	C and Fortran 77
by	John R. Gilbert <>
,	Sivan Toledo <>
for	Pivoting incomplete LU factorization. Designed to be used as a
,	preconditioner for nonsymmetric sparse iterative solvers and
,	provided with an interface to PETSc. The code supports
,	drop tolerances, threashold pivoting, and fill ratios.
,	The code is based on the Gilbert-Peierls factorization code.

file	l3abdsol
for	almost block diagonal linear systems
by	Cyphers and Paprzycki
ref	SMU Software Report 92-3
prec	single or double
lang	Fortran 77
gams	d2a2

file	lalqmr
for	A package implementing the Freund, Gutknecht, and Nachtigal version of
,	the look-ahead Lanczos algorithm.  Includes driver code to compute
,	eigenvalues of matrices, as well as a linear systems solver using the
,	quasi-minimal residual method.
,	Roland Freund and Noel Nachtigal, RIACS
by	Noel M. Nachtigal <> Tue Jan 14 16:20:35 1992
gams	d2a1, d4a2

file	laspack.tgz
for	LASPack is a package for solving large sparse systems of linear
'       equations like those which arise from discretization of partial
'       differential equations.
,	It contains classical as well as selected state-of-the-art algorithms
,	which are commonly used for large sparse systems such as CG-like methods
,	for non-symmetric systems (CGN, GMRES, BiCG, QMR, CGS, and BiCGStab) and
,	multilevel methods such as multigrid and conjugate gradient method
,	preconditioned by multigrid and BPX preconditioners.
,	LASPack is written in ANSI C and is thus largely portable.
,	Postscript and HTML version of the reference manual are included.
by	Tomas Skalicky
lang	c
gams	d2a4

file	linpackc++
for	partial interface to LINPACK routines for C++
,	single values are passed by reference, arrays by pointer
gams	d2a1, d3a1

file	linpack.b
for	limbo version of LINPACK
by	Nick Zhang <>
date	11/13/98
lang	limbo
gams	d2a1, d3a1

file	lis
for     Lis, a Library of Iterative Solvers for linear systems, 
,       is a parallel library for solving linear equations and 
,       eigenvalue problems that arise in the numerical solution 
,       of partial differential equations using iterative methods.

file	lsqr
for	finds a solution  x  to the following problems:
,	1. Unsymmetric equations --	solve  A*x = b
,	2. Linear least squares  --	solve  A*x = b
,	in the least-squares sense
,	3. Damped least squares  --	solve  (	A	)*x = ( b )
,	 damp*I )	( 0 
,	in the least-squares sense
,	where  A  is a matrix with  m  rows and  n  columns,  b  is an
,	m-vector, and  damp  is a scalar.  (All quantities are real.)
,	The matrix  A  is intended to be large and sparse.  It is accessed
,	by means of subroutine calls of the form
,	CALL APROD ( mode,m,n,x,y,LENIW,LENRW,IW,RW )
lang	fortran
gams	d2a4, d9a1

file	metis-4.0.tar.gz
for	METIS is a set of programs for partitioning graphs, partitioning finite 
,	element meshes, and for producing fill reducing orderings for sparse 
,	matrices.
size	508,601K

file	optimqr-1.0.tgz
for	OptimQR is a software package that generates (Fortran) QR solvers
,	for sparse systems. OptimQR is given the structure of the
,	system, and will then apply a heuristic B&B search to the
,	row/column ordering problem, in order to create a near optimal
,	QR solver.  OptimQR is good for solving a large number of
,	systems with a fixed sparsity pattern. Typical system dimensions
,	are below 100x100, as the optimization problem becomes very time
,	consuming as the dimension increases.
size	73k
date	5/6/1999
by	Jakob Østergaard <>
contact	Jakob Østergaard <>
gams	d

file     pcg.tgz
by       Graham F. Carey, (512) 471-4207
for      The PCG package is a software system for solving systems
,        of linear equations by means of preconditioned conjugate
,        gradient-type iterative methods on a variety of computer
,        architectures.  The software is designed to give high
,        performance with nearly identical user interface across different
,        scalar, vector and parallel platforms as well as across different
,        programming models such as shared memory, data parallel, and
,        message passing programming interfaces.
,        This distribution includes FORTRAN source code for
,        uni-processor (serial) workstations and Intel iPSC860
,        parallel computers only.  Contact Graham F. Carey for
,        other supported architectures.

file	psblas1.0.tgz
by	PSBLAS Team - University of Roma "Tor Vergata"
for	A Fortran 90 toolkit to implement parallel iterative solvers  for sparse
;	linear systems. This library is intended for the development of
;	iterative solvers based on Krylov subspace methods on distributed memory
;	computers. It is implemented in mixed Fortran 90/Fortran 77 and C, and
;	requires  the BLACS message passing interface. See README for info on
;	current development.

lib	qmr
for	iterative solution of linear systems
by	Roland Freund and Noel Nachtigal
alg	QMR (with lookahead, no-lookahead, transpose-free, and other variants)
gams	d2a1, d2b1, d2c1, d4a1, d4a2, d4a4

file	qmrpack.tgz
for	iterative solution of linear systems
by	Roland Freund and Noel Nachtigal
alg	QMR (with lookahead, no-lookahead, transpose-free, and other variants)
size	277 kilobytes
#	Since this is a large, binary file you cannot use email to get it.
gams	d2a1, d2b1, d2c1, d4a1, d4a2, d4a4

file	sgefac
for	a 'c' implementation of the LINPACK routines sgefa and sgesl
,	which do LU decomposition with partial pivoting (single precision).
by	Mark Seager, LLNL, 10/26/86
gams	d2a1
lang	c

lib	spooles
lang	c
contact	Cleve Ashcraft <>
for	SPOOLES is a library for solving sparse linear systems of equations.

file	sonest
for	estimates the 1-norm of a square, real matrix  A.
,	reverse communication is used for evaluating matrix-vector product.
by	N.J. Higham, 1987.

file	SuiteSparse-README.txt
for	overview of SuiteSparse

file	SuiteSparse.tar.gz
title   SuiteSparse version 2.1.1
for     UF suite of sparse matrix algorithms
,       AMD      approximate minimum degree ordering
,       CAMD     constrained column approximate minimum degree ordering
,       COLAMD   column approximate minimum degree ordering
,       CCOLAMD  constrained column approximate minimum degree ordering
,       BTF      permutation to block triangular form (beta)
,       KLU      sparse LU factorization, primarily for circuit simulation
,       UMFPACK  sparse LU factorization
,       CHOLMOD  sparse Cholesky factorization
,       CSparse  a concise sparse matrix package
,       CXSparse CSparse Extended.  Includes support for complex matrices
by      Refer to each package for license, copyright, and author information.  
,       All codes are authored or co-authored by Timothy A. Davis, CISE Dept., 
,       Univ. of Florida.  email: my last name @ cise dot ufl dot edu.
size    7,839,523

file	symmlq
for	is designed to solve the system of linear equations
,	A*x = b
,	where  A  is an  n*n  symmetric matrix and  b  is a given vector.
,	The matrix  A  is not required to be positive definite.
,	(If  A  is known to be definite, the method of conjugate gradients
,	may be used -- it will require about the same number of iterations
,	as  SYMMLQ  but slightly less work per iteration.)
,	The matrix  A  is intended to be large and sparse.  It is accessed
,	by means of a subroutine call of the form
,	CALL APROD( n,x,y )
,	which must return the product  y = A*x  for any given vector  x.
gams	d2b4

lib	../templates
for	"one-liner" drivers of common numerical algorithms
,	Also, codes from Templates book.

file	testmats
#	A collection of 44 parametrized test matrices, in the form of MATLAB
#	M-files. The matrices are mostly square, dense, nonrandom, and of
#	arbitrary dimension. The collection includes matrices with known
#	inverses or known eigenvalues; ill-conditioned or rank deficient
#	matrices; and symmetric, positive definite, orthogonal, defective,
#	involutary, and totally positive matrices.  In addition, there are
#	some further M-files of interest for viewing and modifying the test
#	matrices.
#	The M-files are provided in the form of a Unix shar file.
#	By Nick Higham, July 4 1989.

file	tricyclic.f
title	tricyc
for	vectorized in-place tridiagonal solution
by	Dodson and Levin
ref	SIMAX 13:4 1246-1254 (1992)
size	11 kilobytes
prec	real
age	stable
gams	D2a2a
rel	ok
#	No pivoting

file	underwood
for	A version of block lanczos based on Richard Underwood's work.

file	oblio.tgz
for	sparse symmetric linear systems
lang	C++
by	Florin Dobrian and Alex Pothen <>
alg	mininum degree, multifrontal
#	intended as a good example of object oriented design

file	acre.tgz
for	restricted maximum likelihood estimation
by	Joel Malard