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LAPACK Timing Routines (for LAPACK 3.0 and before)

This release also contains two distinct timing programs for the LAPACK routines in each data type. The linear equation timing program gathers performance data in megaflops on the factor, solve, and inverse routines for solving linear systems, the routines to generate or apply an orthogonal matrix given as a sequence of elementary transformations, and the reductions to bidiagonal, tridiagonal, or Hessenberg form for eigenvalue computations. The operation counts used in computing the megaflop rates are computed from a formula; see LAPACK Working Note 41 [3]. The eigenvalue timing program is used with the eigensystem routines and returns the execution time, number of floating point operations, and megaflop rate for each of the requested subroutines. In this program, the number of operations is computed while the code is executing using special instrumented versions of the LAPACK subroutines.

Julie Langou 2007-02-26