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Run the LAPACK Test Programs

There are two distinct test programs for LAPACK routines in each data type, one for the linear equation routines and one for the eigensystem routines. In each data type, there is one input file for testing the linear equation routines and eighteen input files for testing the eigenvalue routines. The input files reside in LAPACK/TESTING. For more information on the test programs and how to modify the input files, please refer to LAPACK Working Note 41 [3].

If you do not wish to run each of the tests individually, you can go to LAPACK, edit the definition lapack_testing in the file Makefile to specify the data types desired, and type make lapack_testing. This will compile and run the tests as described in sections 6.6.1 and 6.6.2.


Julie Langou 2007-02-26