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Edit the file LAPACK/Makefile

This Makefile can be modified to perform as much of the installation process as the user desires. Ideally, this is the ONLY makefile the user must modify. However, modification of lower-level makefiles may be necessary if a specific routine needs to be compiled with a different level of optimization.

First, edit the definitions of blaslib, lapacklib, tmglib, lapack_testing, and timing2in the file LAPACK/Makefile to specify the data types desired. For example, if you only wish to compile the single precision real version of the LAPACK library, you would modify the lapacklib definition to be:

        ( cd SRC; $(MAKE) single )

Likewise, you could specify double, complex, or complex16 to build the double precision real, single precision complex, or double precision complex libraries, respectively. By default, the presence of no arguments following the make command will result in the building of all four data types. The make command can be run more than once to add another data type to the library if necessary.

Next, if you will be using a locally available BLAS library, you will need to remove blaslib from the lib definition. And finally, if you do not wish to build all of the libraries individually and likewise run all of the testing and timing separately, you can modify the all definition to specify the amount of the installation process that you want performed. By default, the all definition is set to

all: lapack_install lib lapack_testing blas_testing
which will perform all phases of the installation process - testing of machine-dependent routines, building the libraries, BLAS testing and LAPACK testing.

The entire installation process will then be performed by typing make.

Questions and/or comments can be directed to the authors as described in Section 6.8. If test failures occur, please refer to the appropriate subsection in Section 6.

If disk space is limited, we suggest building each data type separately and/or deleting all object files after building the libraries. Likewise, all testing and timing executables can be deleted after the testing and timing process is completed. The removal of all object files and executables can be accomplished by the following:

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Julie Langou 2007-02-26