Release date: 11/12/17.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy under Grant No. NSF ACI 1339797, NSF-OCI-1032861, NSF-CCF-00444486, NSF-CNS 0325873, NSF-EIA 0122599, NSF-ACI-0090127, DOE-DE-FC02-01ER25478, DOE-DE-FC02-06ER25768.

LAPACK is a software package provided by Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Univ. of Colorado Denver and NAG Ltd..

1. Support and questions:

2. LAPACK 3.8.0: What’s new

2.1. Symmetric-indefinite Factorization: Aasen’s tridiagonalization 2 stage

A contribution from Ichitaro Yamazaki (University of Tennessee).

This is the blocked version of Aasen’s factorization for symmetric-indefinite factorization. The algorithm calling Level 3 BLAS.


SRC/chesv_aa_2stage.f       SRC/dsysv_aa_2stage.f       SRC/ssysv_aa_2stage.f   SRC/zhesv_aa_2stage.f
SRC/chetrf_aa_2stage.f      SRC/dsytrf_aa_2stage.f      SRC/ssytrf_aa_2stage.f  SRC/zhetrf_aa_2stage.f
SRC/chetrs_aa_2stage.f      SRC/dsytrs_aa_2stage.f      SRC/ssytrs_aa_2stage.f  SRC/zhetrs_aa_2stage.f
SRC/csysv_aa_2stage.f       SRC/zsysv_aa_2stage.f
SRC/csytrf_aa_2stage.f      SRC/zsytrf_aa_2stage.f
SRC/csytrs_aa_2stage.f      SRC/zsytrs_aa_2stage.f


  • Grey Ballard, Dulceneia Becker, James Demmel, Jack J. Dongarra, Alex Druinsky, Inon Peled, Oded Schwartz, Sivan Toledo, Ichitaro Yamazaki: Communication-Avoiding Symmetric-Indefinite Factorization. SIAM J. Matrix Analysis Applications 35(4): 1364-1406 (2014)

  • Miroslav Rozloznik, Gil Shklarski, and Sivan Toledo, Partitioned triangular tridiagonalization, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 37(4), article 38, 16 pages, 2011

  • Jan Ole Aasen, On the reduction of a symmetric matrix to tridiagonal form, BIT, 11 (1971), pp. 233–242.

2.6. LAPACKE interfaces

A contribution from Julie Langou (University of Tennessee).

3. Developer list

External Contributors
  • Konstantin Arturov, Intel

  • Eugene Chereshnev, Intel

  • Zlatko Drmac, University of Zagreb

LAPACK developers involved in this release
  • Julie Langou (University of Tennessee, USA)

  • Ichitaro Yamazaki (University of Tennessee)

Principal Investigators
  • Jim Demmel (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  • Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee and ORNL, USA)

  • Julien Langou (University of Colorado Denver, USA)

4. Thanks

  • MathWorks: Penny Anderson, Amanda Barry, Mary Ann Freeman, Bobby Cheng, Duncan Po, Pat Quillen, Christine Tobler.

  • Intel: Eugene Chereshnev

  • GitHub Users: Andreas Noack, Isuru Fernando, Kirana Bergstrom, Kyle Guinn Martin Kroeker, Nick Papior, Rao Garimella, Reinhold Gschweicher.Sébastien Villemo guozhong.zhuang

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