LAPACK 3.11.0
LAPACK: Linear Algebra PACKage
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◆ LAPACKE_dpb_trans()

void LAPACKE_dpb_trans ( int  matrix_layout,
char  uplo,
lapack_int  n,
lapack_int  kd,
const double *  in,
lapack_int  ldin,
double *  out,
lapack_int  ldout 

Definition at line 39 of file lapacke_dpb_trans.c.

44 if( LAPACKE_lsame( uplo, 'u' ) ) {
45 LAPACKE_dgb_trans( matrix_layout, n, n, 0, kd, in, ldin, out, ldout );
46 } else if( LAPACKE_lsame( uplo, 'l' ) ) {
47 LAPACKE_dgb_trans( matrix_layout, n, n, kd, 0, in, ldin, out, ldout );
48 }
lapack_logical LAPACKE_lsame(char ca, char cb)
Definition: lapacke_lsame.c:35
void LAPACKE_dgb_trans(int matrix_layout, lapack_int m, lapack_int n, lapack_int kl, lapack_int ku, const double *in, lapack_int ldin, double *out, lapack_int ldout)
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