bug141 LAPACKE dlantr causes memory corruption

bug139 xSTEDC eigenvalues not sorted

bug138 :: LAPACKE_dtr_nancheck not working for trapezoidal matrix

bug 137 :: Dlange gives inconsistent/incorrect results for RowMajor

bug 135 :: LAPACKE_dlansy et al cause segfault with 1-norm

bug 133 :: Dormlq C interface error check

bug 132 :: dsyevr bug

bug 131 :: Possible bug in DORGR2

bug 129 :: LAPACK_?syconv interface problem - Work is used to return values

bug 128 :: lapacke_?laset has limitations - pb if initialize the matrix with NaNs (Matrix assumed to be initialized by this functions)

bug 127 :: LAPACKE interface to ?ORCSD / ?UNCSD is not fully functional - Work is used to return values

bug125 :: xLAHQR v3.5 does not converge on some matrices while xLAHQR v2 converges

  • CORRECTED, rev 1537

  • Present in LAPACK 3.5.0

  • Bug reported by Yoshihide Okimi on July 16, 2014

  • Link: https://icl.cs.utk.edu/lapack-forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4566

  • and, independently, by Marco Caliari (Universit√† di Verona) on February 11, 2015.

  • Involved in bug fix: Yoshihide Okimi, Marco Caliari (Universit√† di Verona),

  • Meiyue Shao (LBL), Julien Langou, and Daniel Kressner (EPFL).

  • Confirmed and Corrected by Julien Langou on Mar 25th 2015.

bug124 :: dpstf2 returns incorrect value of rank

bug123 :: csytrf_rook test fails for dimensions 127, 260

  • CORRECTED, rev 1571

  • Present in LAPACK 3.5.0

  • Bug reported by Alex (INTEL) on the LAPACK forum on September 26th 2014

  • Assigned to Igor (UC Berkeley) on Feb 11th 2015

  • Link: http://icl.cs.utk.edu/lapack-forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4590

  • Confirmed by Igor on Apr 7th 2015

  • Corrected by Igor on Aug 11th 2015

bug122 :: Wrong Info code when checking input parameter QSIZ in SLASD7 and DLASD7

  • CORRECTED, rev 1504

  • Present in LAPACK 3.5.0

  • Bug report by Elena Ivanova (Oracle) directly to Julie on Oct 2nd 2014

  • Corrected by Julie Langou on October 6th

bug121 :: Bugs in DLASD8 and DLASD6

bug120 :: Workspace query return too small value for xGESDD

bug119 :: CBLAS - missing the floating point constant argument in sdsdotsub

  • CORRECTED, rev 1493

  • Present in CBLAS

  • Bug report by by Shandong Lao fron Oracle on LAPACK Mailing List - Aug 11th 2014

bug118 :: ZLANHF and CLANHF Norm Calculation

bug117 :: NSPLIT unitialized; N=2 code wrong

bug115 :: DSYEVD fails to converge

bug114 :: (C, Z)GESVD stack corruption issue

bug113 :: DLARRB() infinite loop bug

bug111 :: incorrect RWORK size for ZGESDD

bug0057 :: Non-eigenvectors from DGEEV, problem in balancing

  • CORRECTED, rev 1413

  • bug report sent by Numpy team on April 22nd, 2010

  • see forum topic 1818

  • see follow-up on lapackers on April 22nd from Jim "bug in DGEHRD" "The balancing is choosing to scale some rows/columns by factors like 1e18, which rather amplifies tiny rounding errors in the (presumably correctly) computed eigenvectors of the balanced matrix, when balancing is undone at the end. The expert driver interface dgeevx would let the user disable balancing, until we figure out whether this is a bug or a feature, I’m not sure which."

  • Corrected by Bradley Lowery, Rodney James, Julien Langou on May 26 2013

bug0056 :: Non-orthogonal eigenvectors returned from DSYEVR

  • CORRECTED, rev 1540

  • bug report sent by Scipy team on April 22nd

  • see LAPACK Mailing list msg 874

  • Confirmed by Rodney on Tue, 17 Feb 2011

  • " I can reproduce similar problems that the user encountered with non-orthogonal eigenvectors when only

  • a few eigenvalues are requested. This also happens with SSYEVR. If I set ABSTOL to SLAMCH(Safe minimum),

  • the problem goes away in SSYEVR, and improves with DSYEVR but does not completely go away."

  • Assigned to Osni (UC Berkeley) and Julien (UC Denver)? on Feb 11th 2015

  • Corrected by Osni on Mon May 4th 2015

bug0033 :: failure of zheevd on a specific matrix

bug0032 :: matrix splitting problem with dstebz and sstebz

  • CORRECTED, rev 1540

  • bug report sent by Phil DeMier (IBM) on Mon 29 Jun 2009 to "lapack@cs.utk.edu". "matrix splitting problem with dstebz and sstebz"

  • see Phil DeMier’s email and Phil DeMier’s test code

  • Confirmed by Rodney on Tue, 08 Feb 2011

  • Corrected by Osni on Mon May 4th 2015