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#	There are four packages in the ITPACK directory for solving
#	large sparse linear systems by iterative methods:  ITPACK 2C (single
#	precision), ITPACK 2C (double precision), ITPACKV 2D (a vectorized
#	version of ITPACK 2C for the Cray Y-MP and similar vector computers),
#	and NSPCG.  ITPACK 2C and ITPACKV 2D are intended for symmetric and
#	positive-definite matrix problems.  NSPCG has preconditioners and
#	polynomial accelerators for nonsymmetric matrix problems as well.
#	Only single precision versions are available for ITPACKV 2D
#	and NSPCG.  Machine-dependent constants and the timing function may
#	need to be modified by the user when installing the packages for a
#	particular computer.  They are located in routines DFAULT and TIMER in
#	all four packages.
file	dsrc2c.f
for	ITPACK 2C source code
prec	double
gams	d2b4
size	302 kB

file	dtst2c.f
for	testing routine for ITPACK 2C
prec	double

file	info.tex
for	information about CNA iterative packages
lang	LaTeX

file	nspcg1.f
for	NSPCG source code, part 1
gams	d2a4, d2b4
size	270 kB

file	nspcg2.f
for	NSPCG source code, part 2
gams	d2a4, d2b4
size	216 kB

file	nspcg3.f
for	NSPCG source code, part 3
gams	d2a4, d2b4
size	303 kB

file	nspcg4.f
for	NSPCG source code, part 4
gams	d2a4, d2b4
size	279 kB

file	nspcg5.f
for	NSPCG source code, part 5
gams	d2a4, d2b4

file	quick.tex
for	Quick Reference Guide for NSPCG (formatted with LaTeX)

file	src2c.f
for	ITPACK 2C source code
prec	single
gams	d2b4
size	301 kB

file	srcv2d.f
for	ITPACKV 2D source code (vectorized for Cray Y-MP)
gams	d2b4
size	230 kB

file	tst2c.f
for	testing routine for s.p. ITPACK 2C

file	tstnsp1.f
for	testing program 1 for NSPCG

file	tstnsp2.f
for	testing program 2 for NSPCG

file	tstnsp3.f
for	testing program 3 for NSPCG

file	tstnsp4.f
for	testing program 4 for NSPCG

file	tstnsp5.f
for	testing program 5 for NSPCG

file	tstv2d.f
for	testing routine for ITPACKV 2D

file	user2c.tex
for	ITPACK 2C User's Guide
lang	LaTeX

file	usernsp.tex
for	NSPCG User's Guide
lang	LaTeX
size	208 kB

file	userv2d.tex
for	ITPACKV 2D User's Guide
lang	LaTeX