High Performance Fortran (HPF)

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HPF is a set of extensions to Fortran 90 that provide access to high-performance architecture features while maintaining portability across platforms.

High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF) home page
HPFF is a coalition of industry, academic and laboratory representatives that works to define the HPF language specification. See the HPFF home page for more information about HPF, including a searchable database of HPF compiler implementations and an archive of the HPFF email discussion list. The HPFF home page also has HTML versions of the HPF 1.0 and 1.1 language specification documents.

file	readme
for	overview of HPF

file	hpf-v10-final.ps.gz
for	HPF Language Specification, Version 1.0, May 3, 1993.
,	Superceded by Version 1.1 but remains available for historical
,	purposes.

file	jod-v10-final.ps.gz
for	HPF Journal of Development, Version 1.0, May 3, 1993.
,	Contains proposals considered for but not included in HPF 1.0.

file	hpf-v11.ps.gz
for	HPF Language Specification, Version 1.1, November 10, 1994.
,	Contains all the technical features proposed for the version
,	of HPF known as HPF 1.1.

file	hpf-v20-final.ps.gz
for	HPF Language Specification, Version 2.0, January 31, 1997.
,	Contains the HPF 2.0 Language and the HPF 2.0 Approved Extensions.