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file	links.html
for	related resources

file	haines
for	database constructor programs for testing ray tracer efficiency
by	Eric Haines <>

file	rainbow.c
for	equally spaced colors, primarily for level plots
by	Eric Grosse
ref	"Automatic Choice of Colors for Level Plots", AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill NJ 07974

file	hotiron.c
for	sample driver for rainbow, also defining "hot iron" and "zebra"
by	Eric Grosse

file	tk_colorscale.c
for	another sample driver, useful with Tcl/Tk
by	Eric Grosse

file	cie.c
for	CIE 1931 colour matching functions
by	Tom Duff

file	conic
by	J. Hu & T. Pavlidis
ref	"Function Plotting using Conic Splines," IEEE CGNA, January 1991.
for	adaptive fitting of a function using relatively few conic segments

file	xfarbe.taz.uu
for	area filled, labelled contour plot of grid data for X displays and PostScript
by	A. Preusser
alg	Akima bicubic
size	336 kB

file	video.signals
for	notes on video signal formats
by	Tom Duff

file	plotterf90.tgz
for	Fortran90 wrapper for Postscript line drawing
by	Masao Kodama <>