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#	All of the following files are binary, unsuitable for email.
#	Instead, use "ftp" to retrieve.
#	Most of the binaries (Sun, HP, RS6000) are linked
#	with dynamic libraries.  This can cause error messages
#	on machines that lack the libraries, or that have
#	older versions of them than the ones I linked against.
#	If this causes too many complaints, I can replace them
#	with statically linked binaries (which are usually
#	much larger).
#	Mac users are reported to use "macgzip".
file	src.tar
for	gzip source
size	799 kB

file	cray.unicos.executable
for	gzip for Crays running UNICOS (built on a YMP)

file	dec5000.executable
for	gzip for DECStation 5000

file	dos.executable
for	gzip for MS-DOS (compiled by Microsoft C 6.0A)

file	hp.executable
for	gzip for HP 9000

file	rs6000.executable
for	gzip for IBM Risc System 6000

file	sgi.executable
for	gzip for SGI machines (ELF format)

file	sgicoff.executable
for	gzip for SGI machines (the old COFF format)

file	sun.executable
for	gzip for Sun Sparc

file	win32.executable
for	gzip for MS Windows NT and W9x

file	readme