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file	readme
for	overview of fmm

file	decomp.f  decomp.f plus dependencies
for	decomposes a matrix by Gaussian elimination and estimates the 
,	condition of the matrix
prec	double

file	solve.f
for	solution of linear system, A*x = b, do not use if (fmm/decomp) has 
,	detected a singularity
prec	double

file	quanc8.f
for	estimate the integral of f(x) in a finite interval, user provided 
,	tolerance using an automatic adaptive routine based on the 8-panel 
,	Newton-Cotes rule
prec	double

file	rkf45.f  rkf45.f plus dependencies
for	Fehlberg fourth-fifth order Runge-Kutta method
prec	double

file	spline.f
for	compute the coefficients for a cubic interpolating spline
prec	double

file	seval.f
for	evaluate a cubic interpolating spline
prec	double

file	svd.f
for	determines the singular value decomposition, SVD, of a real 
,	rectangular matrix, using Householder bidiagonalization and a variant 
,	of the QR algorithm
prec	double

file	fmin.f
for	an approximation to the point where a user function attains a minimum 
,	on an interval is determined
prec	double

file	urand.f
for	is a uniform random number generator based on theory and suggestions 
,	given in D.E. Knuth (1969), Vol  2
prec	double

file	zeroin.f
for	find a zero of a user function in an interval
prec	double