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file	floppy.zip
for	win32 version of the floppy program
,	FLOPPY is a software tool that takes as input a file of FORTRAN 77
,	code and checks it according to various "coding conventions". Floppy
,	can "tidy" the source FORTRAN, producing a new file with indented
,	DO-loops, block IF-s, and so on. Floppy can be used to generate HTML
,	from the Fortran program. In this case, a new file is written where each
,	module and include file name in the source Fortran is replaced by an
,	HTML Anchor. The format of the source is preserved when the
,	document is browsed by an HTML browser. FLOPPY can also be used
,	to write a binary summary file which is then used as input to the FLOW
,	program. 
,	The FLOW program takes the binary summary file produced by
,	FLOPPY, and can produce various reports on the structure of the
,	original FORTRAN program. 
size	413k
by	Julian J. Bunn, julian@vxcern.cern.ch.