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file	links.html
for	pointers to related resources on the web, e.g. Algae

file	yorick.tar.gz
for	developing simulations codes and pre- and post-processors
by	David H. Munro <munro@icf.llnl.gov>
lang	Standard C
#	*** This is a pre-release of yorick-1.0, which will come out soon. ***
#	Yorick is an interpreted language like Basic or Lisp, but far faster.
#	* A C-like language, but without declarative statements.  Operations
#	between arrays produce array results, which is one reason for
#	Yorick's high speed.  Scientific computing and numerical analysis
#	are the goals of most Yorick programs.
#	* An X window system interactive graphics package.  Concentrates on
#	x-y plots and filling and contouring quadrilateral meshes.  Also
#	handles cell arrays.  Hardcopy to binary CGM or PostScript files.
#	A separate CGM browser is included.
#	* Yorick's binary file package can read or write floating point
#	formats foreign to the machine where Yorick is running.  Thus, you
#	can share binary files freely on heterogeneous networks.
#	* A library of functions written in the Yorick language.  These
#	include Bessel, gamma, and related functions, multiple key sorting,
#	spline, rational function, and least squares fitting, and routines
#	to read and write netCDF files.
#	* Provisions for embedding compiled subroutines and functions within
#	a Yorick interpreter.  A compiled package which solves matrices and
#	performs FFTs is supplied.
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file	yorick.readme

file	mathomatic.zip
for	simple symbolic algebra (low degree polynomial equations)
name	mathomatic algebraic equation processor
by	George Gesslein II <lightlink.com!george2>
#	primitive compared to Maple, but it's free and you get source
lang	C