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DOMINO (O'Leary, Stewart, Van de Geijn, University of Maryland) is a set of C-language routines with a short assembly language interface that allows multiple tasks to communicate and schedules local tasks for execution. These tasks may be on a single processor or spread among multiple processors connected by a message-passing network.

file	readme
for	overview of domino

file	conofacepc
for	domino conoface for an IBM-PC (lattice C)

file	conofaces
for	domino conoface for a Sun workstation

file	conofacevcc
for	domino conoface for a Z80 (Vandata vcc compiler)

file	conofacevu
for	domino conoface for a Vax (Berkeley Unix)

file	conofacevv
for	domino conoface for a Vax (VMS)

file	doc
for	documentation on how to create conoface and proface as well as notes 
        on linking node programs in Fortran

file	source
for	system for multiple task/processor scheduling, communicating and handling