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file	aimms
keywords	algebraic modeling

file	delisoft
for	Delisoft Ltd, Finland

file	fptsoftware
for	quad and double quad precision libraries for Windows C compilers
by	Steve Turato

file	greenmtn
for	CrayFishpack and GMS Real FFT
by	Green Mountain Software

file	harmonic
for	O-Matrix, A high-performance Visual Data Analysis environment
by	Harmonic Software Inc.

file	hiq
for	HiQ (interactive problem-solving environment for Macintosh)

file	imsl.html
for	Visual Numerics (former IMSL and Precision Visuals)

file	mathematica.html
for	Mathematica
keywords	Wolfram Research, mathematics, software

file	mathworks.html
for	Mathtools, MathWorks, Matlab

file	mlab
for	description and ordering information for MLAB
keywords	mathematics, statistics, modeling, differential equations, linear algebra

file	nag
for	Numerical Algorithms Group

file	nr
for	Numerical Recipes

file	peda
for	GrafEq
by	Pedagoguery Software
alg	display of interval evaluation on tensor grid

file	ve
for	Visual Engineering
keywords	visualization and presentation

file	windward
for	Windward Technologies, Inc. (WTI)

file	lau
for	"A Numerical Library in C for Scientists and Engineers", CRC Press
by	H. T. Lau

file	softintegration
for	Ch: An embeddable C/C++ interpreter for 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing and scripting
by (Wayne W. Cheng)