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#  chammp
#  ======
#  This directory contains items relating to the numerical solution 
#  of the shallow water equations in spherical geometry.
#  The shallow water equations are used as a kernel for both
#  oceanic and atomospheric general circulation models and
#  are of interest in evaluating numerical methods for weather
#  forecasting and climate modeling.  The DOE Computer Hardware, 
#  Advanced Mathematics and Model Physics (CHAMMP) program 
#  is interested in the development of new mathematical methods
#  for these problems.  To promote this developmet, a set of 
#  test cases has been proposed and example software and reference
#  solutions are provided.

file	shallow.tex
for	LaTeX document containing benchmarks and results pertaining to
,	shallow water equation solution methods.
,	To retrieve from netlib type:  "send shallow.tex from chammp"
age	Last updated: 10/1/93

file	shallow.bib
for	LaTeX bibliography file of articles and reports dealing with 
,	the test cases.
,	To retrieve from netlib type:  "send shallow.bib from chammp"
age	Last updated: 10/1/93

file	stswm.tgz
for	NCAR spectral transform shallow water model and documentation.
,	This code computes reference solutions for all test cases in
,	[Reference solutions generated by this code are available by 
,	anonymous ftp from (IP address
,	in directory chammp/shallow.]
by	Authors J.J. Hack and R. Jakob
,	Williamson et. al., JCP Vol 102, p. 211-224 (1992).
age	Last updated: 10/1/93

file	pstswm.tgz
for	Parallel version of stswm for message passing parallel computers.
,	Contains a variety of parallel algorithms implementing the
,	spectral transform method.  Code useful for comparison of
,	parallel algorithms: transpose vs. transform, overlapped vs. 
,	nonoverlapped communication, etc.  Uses PICL for portability.
by	P.H. Worley and I.T. Foster
age	Last updated: 10/1/93