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dir     ccm
for     Base Directory

dir	ccm/readme.html
for	index of ccm pages from author

dir	ccm/page/api
for	api directory pages

dir	ccm/sow/CE_019.html
for 	SPMD Collective Communication Module

dir 	ccm/page/api/talk/generic.html
for	ccm project presentation

file    tars/api.tar
size    542720 kb

file    tars/mpi_src.tar
size    225280 kb

file    tars/shmem_src.tar
size    256000 kb

file    tars/test.tar
size    204800 kb

file    tars/time.tar
size    122880 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_allreduce_x1.f90
size    1834 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_allreduce_x2.f90
size    618 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_alltoall_x1.f90
size    438 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_alltoallv_x1.f90
size    618 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_alltoallv_x2.f90
size    815 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_barrier_x1.f90
size    854 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_bcast_x1.f90
size    850 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_bcast_x2.f90
size    321 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_checkin_x1.f90
size    609 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_close_x1.f90
size    492 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_gather_x1.f90
size    509 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_gather_x2.f90
size    3661 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_gatherv_x1.f90
size    750 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_gatherv_x2.f90
size    1062 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_info_x1.f90
size    220 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_info_x2.f90
size    997 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_init_x1.f90
size    405 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_init_x2.f90
size    670 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_reduce_x1.f90
size    1254 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_reduce_x2.f90
size    636 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_scatter_x1.f90
size    392 kb

file    pages/api/talk
size    512 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_scatter_x2.f90
size    2066 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_scatterv_x1.f90
size    769 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_scatterv_x2.f90
size    788 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_testing_x1.f90
size    659 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_time_x1.f90
size    229 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_unique_x1.f90
size    704 kb

file    pages/api/ccm_warning_x1.f90
size    640 kb

file    pages/api/makefile
size    135 kb