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lib	meschach
by	David E. Stewart  des@thrain.anu.edu.au
for	numerical linear algebra, dense and sparse, with permutations,
,	error handling, input/output,
,	dynamic allocation, de-allocation, re-sizing and copying of objects,
,	dense complex matrices and vectors as well as real matrices
,	and vectors,
,	input and output routines for these objects, and MATLAB
,	save/load format,
,	error/exception handling,
,	basic numerical linear algebra -- linear combinations, inner
,	products, matrix-vector and matrix-matrix products,
,	including transposed and adjoint forms,
,	vector min, max, sorting, componentwise products, quotients,
,	dense matrix factorise and solve -- LU, Cholesky, LDL^T, QR,
,	QR with	column pivoting, symmetric indefinite (BKP),
,	dense matrix factorisation update routines -- LDL^T, QR
,	(real matrix updates only),
,	eigenvector/eigenvalue routines -- symmetric, real Schur
,	decomposition, SVD, extract eigenvector,
,	sparse matrix "utility" routines,
,	sparse matrix factorise and solve -- Cholesky, LU and BKP
,	(Bunch-Kaufman-Parlett symmetric indefinite factorisation),
,	sparse incomplete factorisations -- Cholesky and LU,
,	iterative techniques -- pre-conditioned conjugate gradients,
,	CGNE, LSQR, CGS, GMRES, MGCR, Lanczos, Arnoldi,
,	allowance for "procedurally defined" matrices in the iterative
,	techniques,
,	various "torture" routines for checking aspects of Meschach,
,	memory tracking for locating memory leaks
lang	C
prec	double
#	true master copy: ftp thrain.anu.edu.au:pub/meschach/

file	dcg.shar
for	Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
by	Mark Seager, LLNL.

file	sge.shar
,	(dense  matrix conditon number estimate, factorization and solution
,	routines) and some of the BLAS in C.  There is a driver which shows
,	how to set up column oriented matrices in C for these routines.
by	Mark K. Seager (seager@lll-crg.llnl.gov) 4/8/88.
gams	d2a1

file	frac
for	finds rational approximation to floating point value
by	Robert Craig, AT&T Bell Labs - Naperville
ref	Jerome Spanier and Keith B. Oldham, "An Atlas of Functions," Springer-Verlag, 1987, pp. 665-7.
gams	a2, a6c

file	brent.shar
for	Brent's univariate minimizer and zero finder.
by	Oleg Keselyov <oleg@ponder.csci.unt.edu, oleg@unt.edu> May 23, 1991
ref	G.Forsythe, M.Malcolm, C.Moler, Computer methods for mathematical computations.
#	Contains the source code for the program fminbr.c and
#	zeroin.c, test drivers for both, and verifivation protocols.
see	serv.shar
gams	f1b, g1a2

file	serv.shar
for	numerical  programming in C
#	These files are needed to compile the programs in packages
#	brent.shar *vector.shar shar.shar task_env.shar
#	Verification programs and data are included as well.
by	Oleg Keselyov <oleg@ponder.csci.unt.edu, oleg@unt.edu> May 23, 1991
gams	l6a14, n1, r1

file	vector.shar
for	Low and Intermediate Level functions to manage vectors in C.
#	In fact, the vector declaration as a special structure and
#	a wide set of procedures to handle it define a class (in
#	the sence of C++ or SMALLTALK). It is still a common C,
#	however.
#	Features: high reliability and fool-proof checking, the
#	user can operate on single elements of the vector in the
#	customary C manner, or he may wish to handle the vector as
#	a whole (as an atomary object) with high-effective functions
#	(that can clear the vector, assign vectors or obtain their
#	scalar product, find the vector norm(s), etc.).
by	Oleg Keselyov <oleg@ponder.csci.unt.edu, oleg@unt.edu> May 23, 1991
gams	d1a

file	hl_vector.shar
for	high level vector operations. Involves the
,	Aitken-Lagrange interpolation over the table of uniform or
,	arbitrary mesh, Hook-Jeevse local multidimensional minimizer.
by	Oleg Keselyov <oleg@ponder.csci.unt.edu, oleg@unt.edu> May 23, 1991
gams	e2a, g1b2

file	task_env.shar
for	Resource facility, or managing global "private" parameters
,	that specify various program "options". It help keep
,	reasonable number of arguments in function calls.
by	Oleg Keselyov <oleg@ponder.csci.unt.edu, oleg@unt.edu> May 23, 1991
gams	z

file	numcomp-free-c
for	index of free source code for numerical computation written in C or C++
by	Ajay Shah
gams	z

file	sgefa.shar

#	see also ode/cvode.tar.Z

file	bcc.tar.gz
for	bounds checking patches for gcc
by	Richard W.M. Jones <rwmj@doc.ic.ac.uk>
alg	tracks heap, stack, and static objects and checks all references
size	692 kB
ref	ftp://dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/pub/misc/bcc/bounds-checking-*-*.tgz
#	requires source for gcc