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The LAPACK++ homepage is maintained at NIST.

# For detailed information on LAPACK++, please refer to the URL:
#    http://math.nist.gov/lapack++

file	c++/lapack++/overview.ps
for	"LAPACK++: A Design Overview of Object-Oriented Extensions
,	for High Performance Linear Algebra,"  J. J. Dongarra,
,	R. Pozo, David W. Walker
size	272 kB

file	c++/lapack++/rel10.ps
for	Release notes and Installation manual for LAPACK++

file	c++/lapack++/user.ps
for	User Guide for LAPACK++
size	376 kB

file	c++/lapack++/lapack++.shar
for	source code for LAPACK++
size	655 kB

file	c++/lapack++/readme