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Edit by Nelson H. F. Beebe <>

This directory, /pub/bibnet/tools (from tuglib: bibnet/tools),
contains subdirectories with bibliography support software, and a
BibTeX template file and LaTeX wrappers (*.ltx) to print the

Files in the bibliography collection contain standard file headers
with checksum fields that include a CRC-16 checksum, followed by
counts of lines, words, and characters, such as would be produced
by the UNIX wc (word count) utility.

The checksum values are produced by Robert Solovay's checksum
utility, which is written in CWeb.  It is available in the archive
files software/checksum-1-04.*.  The archives contain source code,
and in msc/checksum.exe file there is an IBM PC MS DOS executable
compiled with Microsoft C version 5.1.

The file headers can be most easily generated by the GNU Emacs
functions in emacs/filehdr.el.  The checksums, date, and version
numbers can be easily updated with functions in that file. ISBN and
ISSN fields can be verified with functions in emacs/isbn.el.  The
files emacs/filehdr-1.22.* contain the GNU Emacs code and


-- alphabetical verbose directory as FTP commands
-- alphabetical verbose directory listing
-- reverse time-ordered verbose directory as FTP commands
-- reverse time-ordered verbose directory listing


-- subdirectory with GNU Emacs bibliography support
-- sample styles, templates, and bibliography


-- this file
-- HTML version of index file


-- software for bibliography file checking, conversion, maintenance, and prettyprinting
-- BibTeX string abbreviations for institutions, journals, and publishers
Here is a short list of other ftp sites that are known to have
bibliographies available: pub/pancake/debug -- bibliographies of parallel and 
                             distributed debugging pub/bib   -- bibliographies of database management
                             systems.  This collection is also
                             available via the World-Wide Web: make
                             a mosaic or lynx connection to
                             access the GLIMPSE (GLobal IMPLicit SEarch)
                             indexing and query server. public/preston/bib -- bibliographies of ACM Transactions
                             on Programming Languages and Systems,
                             ACM Letters on Programming Languages and
                             Systems, ACM Symposia on Architectural
                             Support for Programming Languages and
                             Operating Systems, ACM Symposia on
                             Compiler Optimization and Programming
                             Language Design and Implementation,
                             and ACM Symposia on Principles of
                             Programming Languages pub/geometry -- computational geometry community
                             bibliography project with 4273 entries on
                             [01-Feb-1993] pub/bibliography -- huge (441 BibTeX files, 2,672,675
                             lines, 205,289 entries, and 6,375
                             @String{} abbreviations, occupying
                             94.8MB of disk space on [5-May-1994])
                             collection of computer science
                             bibliographies.  This collection is
                             available via the World-Wide Web: make
                             a mosaic or lynx connection to
                    and select the
                             menu item named `Sammlung von Informatik
                             - Bibliographien' (Computer Science
                             Bibliography Collection); from there on,
                             it is all in English. pub/bibnet -- BibNet bibliography project, with
                             bibliographies of researchers in numerical
                             analysis, and special topic bibliographies
                             in the same area.  This is the master site
                             for BibNet; the contents are mirrored
                             regularly to Netlib (
                             and, from which they
                             are available via e-mail, ftp, and
                             interactively via netlib software. --
                             World-Wide Web access via mosaic or
                             lynx to bibliographic data for ACM
                             Transactions on Mathematical Software
                             (including papers in upcoming journal
                             issues), and Collected Algorithms of
                             the ACM. att/cs/bib -- bibliographies of researchers at AT&T
                             Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ. publications/bibliography -- yearly bibliographies on
                             computer graphics from 1976 to date
                             in separate files, and pre-1976 in
                             a single file. also provides Internet interactive lookup in the
databases.  Use telnet or rlogin to with username biblio
(no password), then try a request like "find author blinn" then "display".

REDUCE bibliographies are included here, with the masters maintained
on, and available by e-mail requests like "send index" and
"send index from bibliography" to