Numerical analysis and symbolic algebra bibliographies

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This directory tree contains symbolic links to (primarily journal) bibliography files in the area of numerical analysis and symbolic algebra only.

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applmathcomput Applied Mathematics and Computation [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
applnummath Applied Numerical Mathematics: Transactions of IMACS [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
axiom AXIOM symbolic algebra system [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
BIT BIT (Nordisk Tidskrift for Informationsbehandling [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
elefunt elementary function computation [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
fparith floating-point arithmetic [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf.gz, .ps.gz, .sok, .twx]
higherordersymbcomput Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
issac International Symposia on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation [conference proceedings] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
jsymcomp Journal of Symbolic Computation [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
linala1960   Linear Algebra and its Applications [journal] (1968--1969) [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
linala1970 Linear Algebra and its Applications [journal] (1970--1979) [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
linala1980 Linear Algebra and its Applications [journal] (1980--1989) [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
linala1990 Linear Algebra and its Applications [journal] (1990--1999) [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
lispsymbcomput Lisp and Symbolic Computation [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
macsyma MACSYMA and VAXIMA programming languages [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
maple-extract Maple symbolic algebra system [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
maple-tech Maple Newsletter and Maple Technical Newsletter [journals] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1940 Mathematics of Computation, and its predecessors (1940--1949) [journals] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1950 Mathematics of Computation (1950--1959) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1960 Mathematics of Computation (1960--1969) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1970 Mathematics of Computation (1970--1979) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1980 Mathematics of Computation (1980--1989) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathcomp1990 Mathematics of Computation (1990--1999) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
mathematica Mathematica symbolic algebra system  [.bib,  .dvi,   .html,  .ltx,  .pdf.gz,  .ps.gz,  .sok,  .twx ]
numana1990   Numerical Analysis (1990--1999)   [.bib,  .dvi,  .html,  .ltx,  .pdf.gz,  .ps.gz,  .sok,  .twx]
numeralgorithms Numerical Algorithms [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
numlinaa Journal of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications   and Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications [journals] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
nummath Numerische Mathematik [journal] [.bib,  .dvi,  .html,  .ltx,  .pdf.gz,  .ps.gz,   .sok,  .twx ]
red-a-f Part 1 of REDUCE bibliography [ .bib,   .html,   .ltx,   .sok,   .twx ]
red-g-l Part 2 of REDUCE bibliography [ .bib,   .html,   .ltx,   .sok,   .twx ]
red-m-z Part 3 of REDUCE bibliography [ .bib,   .html,   .ltx,   .sok,   .twx ]
redbooks REDUCE books [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .sub,   .twx ]
redextra Supplementary REDUCE bibliography [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
reduce dummy BibTeX file for reduce.ltx  [ .bib,  .dvi,  .html,  .ltx,  .pdf.gz,  .ps.gz,   .sok,  .twx]
siamjmatanaappl SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
siamjmathana SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
siamjnumeranal SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
siamjnumeranal2000 SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis (2000--) [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
signum ACM SIGNUM Newsletter [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
sigsam ACM SIGSAM Bulletin [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]
toms ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software [journal] [ .bib,   .dvi,   .html,   .ltx,   .pdf.gz,   .ps.gz,   .sok,   .twx ]