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1.3 Architectures

The trend mentioned above that started last year grew. SMP's are in. The number of MPP systems was reduced, only 82 machines compared to 89 in 1994, but with an tex2html_wrap_inline156 of 536 Gflops/s versus 274 Gflops/s last year. This means two third of the computers and computing power in Europe belong to MPP systems. The vector machines came to the half of 1994, 27 machines with 170 Gflops/s - in 1994 tex2html_wrap_inline156 has been 183 Gflops/s. Now SGI and others are attacking the HPC market with its killer micros in an SMP architecture. Almost 30 systems with an tex2html_wrap_inline156 of 95 Gflops/s are now not neglectible. They have a market share of nearly 25% in machines but only 13% in LINPACK-speed. Next year there will surely be some new SMP systems by Digital and Hewlett-Packard in this list.
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