TOP500 Report 1995

The TOP500 Report 1995 was published as special issue of the journal SUPERCOMPUTER (SUPERCOMPUTER 63, volume 12, number 1).

Guest Editors:

Jack J. Dongarra, Hans-Werner Meuer, Erich Strohmaier

Contributions by:

A. Arnold, Wolfgang Bez, Jack J. Dongarra, Uwe Harms, Geerd-R. Hoffmann, H.-C. Hoppe, Hans-Werner Meuer, Hermann Mierendorff, W.E. Nagel, Eric Schnepf, Anton Schüller, Horst D. Simon, K. Solchenbach, Aad van der Steen, Erich Strohmaier, Ulrich Trottenberg, David W. Walker, M.Weber


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Postscript: 340kb (compressed: 128kb)

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