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Special thanks to all the contributors to this report: David Bailey (NASA Ames Research Center), Michael Berry (University of Tennessee), Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Vladimir Getov (University of Southampton), Tom Haupt (Syracuse University), Tony Hey (University of Southampton), Roger Hockney (University of Southampton), and David Walker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

The following PARKBENCH participants were instrumental in defining/promoting the effort, attending meetings, and providing helpful comments and suggestions: Ed Brocklehurst (National Physical Laboratory), Koushik Ghosh (Cray Research), Charles Grassl (Cray Research), Ed Kushner (Intel SSD), Brian LaRose (Hewlett Packard), Todd Letsche (University of Tennessee), David Mackay (Intel SSD), Joanne Martin (IBM), Ramesh Natarajan (IBM, Yorktown Heights), Bodo Parady (Sun Microsystems), Robert Pennington (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Philip Tannenbaum (NEC), Pearl Wang (George Mason University/US Geological Survey), and Patrick Worley (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).
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