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Proposed Compact Application Benchmarks

  At the time of writing the PARKBENCH organization is in the process of soliciting submission of applications for inclusion in the Compact Applications suite. Thus, the applications that comprise the suite cannot yet be listed here. However, in this subsection the main application areas that are expected to be in the suite are outlined. The intention is that these areas should be representative of the fields in which parallel computers are actually used. The codes should exercise a number of different algorithms, and possess different communication and I/O characteristics. Initially the Compact Applications suite will consist of no more than ten codes. This restriction is imposed so that the resources needed to manage and distribute the suite can be assessed. The suite may be enlarged in the future if this seems manageable. Below is a list of the application areas that are expected to be represented in the suite. This is not meant to be an exclusive list; submissions from other application areas will be considered for inclusion in the suite.
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