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With 17.1 % of the European power and 23 machines in the TOP500 , France is on the third place in Europe, after Germany and the United Kingdom. The traditional hegemony of Cray, still is absolute, with 12 of the 23 machines and 65% of the power installed. TMC still holds the second position with 4 machines and nearly 18% of the installed power. Compared to one year ago, the installed TMC power has stayed the same: but the percentage of the French power it represents has more than halved. A year ago it was 40%!

Intel with 3 machines and 8% of the installed power is in third place. The other vendors only have one machine. The breakthrough of SMP machines in the TOP500 has no real representative in France yet, in the list is a Power challenge owned by its vendor.

Almost 40% of the French Rmax power is owned by one institution: the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, which, with its four Cray machines in Grenoble and Limeil.
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