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General Situation

In Europe 143 systems are in operation in 1994, compared to 133 in 1993. This is only an increase of about 8% in the TOP500 list. These machines represent an Rmax of 457 Gflop/s and an Rpeak of 688 Gflop/s, compared with the 1993 figures, only an Rmax of 195 Gflop/s and an Rpeak of 287 Gflop/s have been available. Within one and a half year the LINPACK and the maximum speed of the TOP500 supercomputers in the Old Continent grew by a factor of about 2.4, the world-wide relationship is only about 1.7. This means that Europe has installed more powerful machines than the world-wide average. Which countries in Europe have broadened their supercomputer base ?

An other interesting aspect that we could observe, the smallest machine in the 1993 list was a SNI VP200EX with Rmax =0.472 Gflop/s and Rpeak =0.857 Gflop/s, now it is a Cray Y-MP/4, Rmax =1.114 Gflop/s, Rpeak =1.333 Gflop/s the resulting relationships between these years is 2.3 and 1.6 respectfully.

So in 1994 the situation has improved compared to 1993. Then the installed Rmax performance in Europe could be represented by number one and two of the TOP500 . Now we need the sum of the LINPACK performance of the first five machines in the TOP500 , to have a comparable speed as whole Europe.
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