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The Thinking Machines Corp. CM-200

Machine type: Processor array.
Models: CM-200.
Operating system: Internal OS tranparent to the user, Unix on front-end system.
Compilers: CM Fortran (subset of Fortran 90), C*, *Lisp (Lisp with extensions).

System parameters:


Note: and are obtained from a 1024 (floating-point ) processor system.

The CM-200 is an SIMD machine of the processor array type: all processors perform the same operation in lock step (except for those who are logically are switched off). The machine is almost identical to the CM-2 (see below). The only difference is the clock cycle of the added floating-point processors that is 100 ns instead of 142 ns.

For computational intensive work only the floating-point processors are of interest and these infact determine the speed of the machine.

See the next entry for more information about the structure of the machine.
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