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The Contents

This report consists of nine chapters. Chapter 1 presents an overview of the supercomputer statistics of the past, including the ``Mannheim Supercomputer Statistics''. Chapter 2 is a complete reprint of the technical report RUM 34/93 on ``TOP500 Supercomputer Sites'' as of November 1993, which provides the basis of this report. Chapter 3 discusses different performance measures and benchmark efforts; the measure [tex2html_wrap3836] chosen for our TOP500 is covered in detail, and the different performance figures shown in the TOP500 are sorted. Chapter 4 deals with the ``Supercomputer Architectures in the TOP500''. We group the 103 different models in the TOP500 list in 30 families, and then discuss the main architectural and technological features of these families.

After these four preparatory chapters, we present in Chapters 5 through 9 a detailed analysis of the high-performance computing situation as of November 1993. Chapter 5 starts with an overall examination of the ``Worldwide Supercomputer Situation"; Chapter 6 focuses on ``High Performance Computing in the United States''; Chapter 7 treats the present situation of ``Supercomputing in Japan''; and Chapter 8 analyzes the situation of ``High Performance Computing in Europe'', with special emphasis on Germany, the UK, France, and the Benelux nations. Additionally, Chapters 6 through 8 include sublists of the TOP500 for special countries. Chapter 9 concludes this report with an in-depth discussion of ``The TOP25 Supercomputer Centers in the World''.

Lists of all tables, figures, and TOP500 sublists, as well as the reprint of the first ``TOP500 Supercomputer Sites'' as of June 1993 are included in the Appendix.
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