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-4 Once, there was an equality `Supercomputer=Cray'. This TOP500 shows this is not true anymore. Except for one country where Cray still holds most of the ground. In France the Cray hegemony is nearly absolute with 60%of the installed machines. Only TMC with four installations has a significant market share of over 20%double that of the figure for whole Europe. The TMC machines together account for nearly 40%of the installed [tex2html_wrap2102] power in France.

The research institutes are the biggest supercomputer users in number of installations, closely followed ty the industry. Due to the fact that the research institutes house nearly all parallel machines with high [tex2html_wrap2104] rates and the largest Cray machine, they together have the major part of the installed [tex2html_wrap2106] performance. The French industry is almost exclusively Cray territory with a dominance of 2-4 processor Cray YMP systems.

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