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Getting your new kernel used

Once you have a kernel that beats the present offerings, and you have updated the appropriate index file(s), nothing could be easier. If you are starting from a fresh install without Level 1 arch defaults, you need do nothing further: the install process will find your kernel.

Things are almost as simple if you have already installed, and need to force a redo. First, get rid of old search results by issuing rm ATLAS/tune/blas/level1/<arch>/res/<pre><blas>_SUMM. Then, go to ATLAS/src/blas/level1/<arch>, and type :

   rm Make_<pre><blas>
   make Make_<pre><blas>
   make <pre>lib
and that should do it.

So, to do that for the omnipresent DAXPY, on my PIII, I'd do:

   cd ATLAS
   rm tune/blas/level1/Linux_PIIISSE1/res/dAXPY_SUMM.
   cd ATLAS/src/blas/level1/Linux_PIIISSE1
   rm Make_daxpy
   make Make_daxpy
   make dlib


R. Clint Whaley 2001-08-04