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Index filenames

As previously mentioned, ATLAS builds a system and type dependent index file from user-supplied files in ATLAS/tune/blas/gemm/CASES. This is done so that the all routines do not need to be run on all machines (i.e., no need to waste time trying to run SSE-enabled assembly routines when on a Dec ev56). Here is a list of description files presently queried by ATLAS when building the full search index:
  1. [s,d,c,z]cases.0: Any user-contributed kernel which is system independent (i.e. doesn't require a particular compiler, etc)
  2. [s,d,c,z]cases.flg: Any user-contributed kernel requiring specific compiler and/or flags
  3. [s,c]cases.3DN: Kernels requiring 3DNow! to run.
  4. [s,c]cases.SSE: Kernels requiring SSE1 to run.

R. Clint Whaley 2001-08-04