Archive of prebuilt ATLAS libraries

These files are library archives created by installing ATLAS on various architectures. They are provided as a convenience only. If you have compiler / OS / performance / version problems, you should download the code and compile it yourself. If you need a configuration not available here (for instance, the quad processor version, or PIII without SSE) you can send mail to requesting that we add it, but your best bet is to download the code and compile from source.

The tarfile name is encoded in this manner: atlas<version #>_<OS>_<arch>.tgz

Each tarfile will create a subdirectory roughly corresponding to the <OS>_<arch> string. The included README file provides usage details.

file	atlas3.6.0_Linux_P4SSE2.tgz
for     Intel P4, using SSE2 for all precisions
size	1221682

file	atlas3.6.0_Linux_HAMMER64SSE2_2.tgz
for	AMD Opteron and Athlon-64, 2 processors
size	1325774

file	atlas3.6.0_Linux_HAMMER64SSE2.tgz
for	AMD Opteron and Athlon-64, optimized for uniprocessor
size	1197581

file	atlas3.5.1_Linux_PPCG4AltiVec_2.tgz
for	Apple G4/G4e PowerPC with AltiVec, 1-2 processors
size	1736945

file	atlas3.6.0_Linux_PIIISSE1.tgz
for	Intel Pentium III, 256K L2 cache
size	971716

file	atlas3.4.1_Linux_ATHLON.tgz
for	AMD Athlon, 256K L2 cache
size	882415

file    atlas3.4.1_Linux_IA64Itan_2.tgz
for     Dual processor libs for Intel Itanium
size    831836

file    atlas3.4.1_Linux_PIIISSE1.tgz
for     Intel PIII, with 256K L2 cache, using SSE1 for single precision
size    938576