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# Index for apollo

file	hpplot
for	program which converts Apollo GMR graphics output files into ascii text
,       files of HPGL (Hewlitt Packard Graphics Language) commands which can 
,	then be sent to any HP graphics device (the HP7550 plotter in 
,	particular).

file	7550a
for	pen plotter which runs on the Apollo.
,       Complete instructions on compiling and installing the print-server are
,       included.

file	qsend
for	program allows a user at one Apollo
,       workstation to send messages to other users, other nodes, all
,       users, all nodes, their own node (from a background job), and
,       to themselves (if they are logged in on more than one machine).

file	toshiba
for	print-server for a Toshiba 1351 dot matrix
,        printer running on an Apollo workstation with an RS232 interface.

file	image
for	Apple Imagewriter dot matrixprinter running on an Apollo 
,        workstation with an RS232 interface.

file	rand
for	random number generators for the Apollos

file	v2d
for	V2d is a demo program originally written by Jim Rees to
,      show how an Apollo network could get transparent file access 
,      to any BSD 4.2 system running TCP/IP.

file	ftp
for	A set of small programs which will startup
,     the TCP/IP FTP, RIP, and TELNET servers on the Apollos after
,     a suitable delay to allow the TCP/IP server to get initialized.

file	sendrec
for	package which converts Apollo binary data file (REC file types) 
,        to Alliant binary format data files which can be read with an 
,        unformatted Fortran READ statement on the Alliant and vice-versa 
,        (ie. it will convert Alliant format files for reading on an Apollo).

file	ckmail
for	checks if new network mail has arrived for you on the Apollo network
,       and will (optionally) pop up a window to notify you about the new mail.

file	shar
for	does the same function as your BUNDLE shell script, but is more 
,       extensive. It adds in some error checking and can handle packing 
,       entire directories into an archive file for mailing out over the 
,	network (e.g. this file was created by the command 
,	'shar shar.dir >foobar'). 

file	batch
for	allows you to start a background job running on any machine in 
,       the network and then log out without killing the job.

file	compress
for	a utility which can save a considerable amount of disk space. 
by	From: David Krowitz, MIT 2/11/87

file	v2
for	Apollo to BSD 4.2 (Alliant FX/1)
,      transparent file access software. This version works correctly on
,      Apollo workstations running the new SR9.5 release of AEGIS. The
,      version I gave you previously works under SR9.2 -- the new version
,      will not run on SR9.2. Please add this to your software library.
by	David Krowitz 2/28/87

file	gone
for	When the user wants to leave the node unattended, the gone routine borrows
,     the display, puts a message on the screen, and waits for the user to type
,     a password.  The user can specify the password and the message
,     font with a configuration file in the user's ~user_data directory.
by	David Krowitz, MIT 3/21/87

file	hp7570
for	new HP 7570 print server
by	David Krowitz, MIT 5/16/87

file	hp7475
for	new HP 7475 print server
by	David Krowitz, MIT 5/16/87

file	hp7550
for	revised HP 7550 print server
by	David Krowitz, MIT 5/16/87

file	nec-p9xl
for	Apollo print server for NEC P9XL Pinwriter
by	David Krowitz, MIT 7/30/87

file	remote
for	is a short file daemon program which periodically
,     checks a directory and executes a shell command for each of the
,     files it finds there before deleting them.

file	kermit
for	kermit program for the apollo