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# This directory contains PostScript input files for some of the reports
# from the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National 
# Laboratory. To process the files into a readable form, direct the file
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# Contents:

file   tm41
title  An Extended Set of Fortran Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
by     Jack J. Dongarra, Jeremy Du Croz, Sven Hammarling, and Richard J. Hanson
ref    Technical Memorandum No. 41 (Revision 3)
for    This paper describes an extension to
,      the set of Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms. The extensions
,      are targeted at matrix-vector operations which should
,      provide for efficient and portable implementations of algorithms
,      for high-performance computers.

file   tm88 
title  A Proposal for a Set of Level 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
by     Jack Dongarra, Jeremy Du Croz, Iain Duff, and Sven Hammarling
ref    Technical Memorandum No. 88, April 1987
for    Abstract - This paper describes a proposal for Level 3
,      Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (Level 3 BLAS). The Level 3 BLAS are
,      targeted at matrix-matrix operations with the aim of providing more
,      efficient, but portable, implementations of algorithms on 
,      high-performance computers, especially those with hierarchical memory 
,      and parallel processing capability.

file   tm97 
title  Prospectus for the Development of a Linear Algebra Library for 
,      High-Performance Computers
by     James Demmel, Jack J. Dongarra, Jeremy Du Croz, Anne Greenbaum 
,      Sven Hammarling, and Danny Sorensen,
ref    Technical Memorandum No. 97, September 1987,
for    Abstract - We propose to design and implement a transportable linear 
,      algebra library in Fortran 77 for efficient use on high-performance 
,      computers. The library is intended to provide a uniform set of 
,      subroutines to solve the most common linear algebra problems and to
,      run efficiently on a wide range of architectures. This library, 
,      which will be freely accessible via computer network, not only will 
,      ease code development, make codes more portable among machines of 
,      different architectures, and increase efficiency, but also will provide 
,      tools for evaluating computer performance. The library will be based 
,      on the well-known and widely used LINPACK and EISPACK packages for linear
,      equation solving, eigenvalue problems, and linear least squares. 
,      LINPACK and EISPACK have provided an important infrastructure for
,      scientific computing on serial machines, but they were not designed to 
,      exploit the profusion of parallel and vector architectures now becoming 
,      available.  We propose to restructure the algorithms in terms of calls 
,      to a small number of extended Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines each of 
,      which implements a basic operation such as matrix multiplication, 
,      rank-$k$ matrix updates, and the solution of triangular systems. 
,      These operations can be optimized for each architecture, but the 
,      underlying numerical algorithms will be the same for all machines.

file   tm99
title  Block Reduction of Matrices to Condensed Forms for Eigenvalue
,      Computations 
by     Jack J. Dongarra, Sven J. Hammarling, and Danny C. Sorensen,
ref    Technical Memorandum No. 99, September 1987,
for    Abstract - In this paper we describe block algorithms for the reduction 
,      of a real symmetric matrix to tridiagonal form and for the reduction of
,      a general real matrix to either bidiagonal or Hessenberg form
,      using Householder transformations.  
,      The approach is to aggregate the transformations and to apply
,      them in a blocked fashion, thus
,      achieving algorithms that are rich in matrix-matrix operations.
,      These reductions to condensed
,      form typically comprise a preliminary step in the computation of 
,      eigenvalues or singular values. 
,      With this in mind, we also demonstrate how the initial reduction
,      to tridiagonal or bidiagonal form may be pipelined with the divide
,      and conquer technique for computing the eigensystem of a symmetric matrix
,      or the singular value decomposition of a general matrix to achieve 
,      algorithms which are load balanced and rich in matrix-matrix operations.

file   tm109
by     David Callahan, Jack Dongarra, and David Levine,
title  Vectorizing Compilers: A Test Suite and Resultsa,
ref    MCS-TM-109 (March 1988). Code: tm109
for    This report describes a collection of 100 Fortran loops
,      used to test the effectiveness of an automatic vectorizing compiler.
,      We present the results of compiling these loops using
,      commercially available, vectorizing Fortran compilers
,      on a variety of supercomputers, mini-supercomputers, and mainframes.

file   argonne50
title  Activities and Operations of the Advanced Computing
,      Research Facility, October 1986-October 1987,
by     G. W. Pieper, ed.,
ref    ANL-87-50. Code: argonne50
for    This report discusses the activities and operations of the ACRF from
,      October 1986 - October 1987.
,      Included is a description of the advanced scientific computing
,      research in the ACRF and the projects and proposals of the
,      outside users.