file	webget.c
for	getting a file from netlib's web server when all else fails
by	Eric Grosse <>

file	webget.exe
for	Win32 executable of access/webget.c

file	unshar.c
for	unpacking shell archives from netlib
by	Eric Grosse <>

file	unshar.exe
for	precompiled version of unshar.c
lang	DOS executable

file	stree
for	C source for Unix programs that collapse (restore) file trees
,       into (from) a single file -- ASCII if the file trees are ASCII,
,       with times, links, and execute permissions preserved.
by	Eric Grosse and David Gay
#	(ehg 1995:  shar or tar are now preferred, but we keep this
,	for historical reasons, in case backup files need unarchiving.)

file	depend.shar
for	extracting dependencies in large source directories
by	Eric Grosse <>