CS 594 Spring 2001
April 4 Lecture on Parallel Debugging

We will have a discussion in class on parallel debugging. Slides are here. See the ERDC MSRC Scalable Parallel Programming Tools repository for information about parallel debuggers.

For the homework assignment, you will be using the TotalView debugger on our Torc cluster. TotalView is installed in /usr/local/totalview. To use TotalView on the Torc cluster, do the following:

  1. set path = (/usr/local/totalview/bin $path)
  2. setenv DISPLAY <your display>
  3. totalview &
    (or with appropriate arguments)

Your assignment is to work through the TotalView Debugger Tutorial by Blaise Barney at Maui High-performance Computing Center (updated by Shirley Moore and Kevin London) and to do Exercises 1 and 2 and to rewrite Exercise 3 to work on the Torc cluster. You should write up and turn in a summary of what you did for these exercises and what you learned.