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ScaLAPACK is portable across a wide range of distributed-memory environments such as the IBM SP series, Intel series (Gamma, Delta, Paragon), Cray T3 series, TM CM-5, clusters of workstations, and any system for which PVM [20] or MPI [33] is available. Similar to the BLAS and LAPACK, many of the goals of the ScaLAPACK project, particularly portability, are aided by developing and promoting standards, especially for low-level communication and computation routines. We have been successful in attaining these goals, limiting most machine dependencies to two standard libraries called the BLAS, or Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines, and BLACS, or Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subroutines. ScaLAPACK will run on any machine where both the BLAS and the BLACS are available.

All ScaLAPACK-related software is publically available on netlib via the URL:

Susan Blackford
Thu Jul 25 15:38:00 EDT 1996