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PVMPI: An Integration of the PVM and MPI Systems

Graham E. Fagg gif - Jack J. Dongarragif


We discuss the use of PVM as a system for controlling the execution of MPI applications, by allowing the user access to both the MPI API and an enhanced set of the PVM API. The intention is to give the user community flexible control over MPI applications using a system that is both portable and familiar--without having to wait for new MPI-2 systems to be developed. Our system, called PVMPI, uses the already proven and widely ported MPI message-passing system within PVM to to enable interoperation with different implementations executing on distributed hardware. PVMPI also takes advantage of contexts under PVM3.4 to provide more security. Additional benefits will be available to those who currently already use resource managers that interface to PVM, in that PVMPI can control MPI applications.

Jack Dongarra
Fri Apr 12 11:15:36 EDT 1996