Sidebar: More Information on MPI, Assistance

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Sidebar: More Information on MPI, Assistance

  The book by W. Gropp, E. Lusk, and A. Skjellum ([7]) is a tutorial-level explanation of MPI. An expanded and annotated reference manual for MPI is being written by the authors of this article and other members of the MPI Forum, and should be available in 1995.

An MPI-specific newsgroup, comp.parallel.mpi, exists. An abundance of information about MPI is available through the world-wide-web. The following is a list of URL's containing MPI-related information.

A current version of errata for the specification document ([5]) can be obtained from The complete email associated with the MPI Forum has been archived. They are available from netlib. Send a message to with the message send index from mpi. You can also ftp them from

So far, at least one company is offering professional support and consulting for MPI. This is PALLAS, and they may be reached at

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