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Posted by Scott Betts on September 17, 1997 at 11:53:13:

In Reply to: ODE-solver posted by Peter Wennberg on September 10, 1997 at 06:30:34:

: Hi!
: I'm searching for a good (fast) ode-solver and I'm hoping that someone out there can help me.
: This is the first time that I've used netlib, so I hope I get this first message right!

: The problem I have is related to vibrations, and my equations are as follows:

: dx1/dt=f(x1,x2,...,xn,t)
: dx2/dt=f(x1,x2,...,xn,t)
: .
: .
: .
: dxn/dt=f(x1,x2,...,xn,t)

: with x1,x2,...,xn given at t=0.

: The code should be written in Fortran 90.

: If someone has a good idea of how to proceed, I would be very grateful.

: Peter

Just about everything we have is in F66 or F77
rather than F90, but they should compule reasonably
easy enough under F90.

The are several good choices in the ODE directory,
but rkf45 was recommended by one of the gurus here.

Hope this helps!


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