Question: C++ efficiency?

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Posted by Patrick on April 15, 1998 at 16:23:04:

I'm fluent in both C and f77 and the codes I'm
developing are getting large -- my next project
will likely be close to 10K lines. I'm currently
using Fortran 77 and its getting to be a pain so
I'm looking to OOP to make things managable. But
I'm afraid of sacraficing speed/efficiency.
Does anyone know how the C++ compilers measure
up against fortran compilers? I typically run on
RS/6000 and MIPS processors. Since my codes
(they're serial) take up to 48 hours to run,
efficiency is important. (I'm probably going
to parallelize with MPI to help cut down the

I imagine the efficieny will depend on the extent of
abstraction...but I'm just looking for some rough
estimates. Thanks!

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