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Posted by Arkady Rovinsky on December 08, 1997 at 12:13:23:

I am trying to install CLAPACK on my computer,which
is Intel Pentium II (WinNT). When compiling CBLAS
routines the compiler (VC++5)reports 70 instances of
using uninitialized variables in a number of routines
of CBLAS. There are also a number of unused variables,
assignments of double to float (i.e. potential loss
of precision) and apparently futile operations.
Furthermore, f2clib does not compile as is - I had
to explicitly define "complex" in the the complex
routines. Moreover, the integer "pow" routines apparently
have bugs: potential divide by zero.
Could anybody comment on this and/or give any
advice? Has anybody had a satisfactory experience of
using this package? Is anybody aware of a BLAS version
optimized for Pentium?
Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
Arkady Rovinsky,

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