Moderator ManagerDISCUS Administration Instructions

The moderator manager allows the superuser to add, remove, and edit moderators. The moderator manager is restricted to the superuser -- ordinary moderators cannot access the moderator manager. To access the moderator manager, click on "Moderator Manager" from the administration program main menu.

Deleting moderators

To delete a moderator, click on the delete icon ([Delete Icon]) next to the moderator you wish to delete. You may also use the check boxes in the "Mark" column to select the moderators you wish to delete, and then click on the delete icon in the "(Marked)" row. You must click on "OK" to confirm the deletion of a moderator.

A moderator is completely removed from the discussion board system upon removing the moderator from the moderator manager (unless the moderator also has one or more user accounts). The moderator is also removed from any groups to which the moderator belongs. A moderator will have no administrative privileges when the moderator account is removed. Note that you cannot delete the superuser (you can't delete yourself).

Editing moderators

The superuser can set a moderators's full name, e-mail address, e-mail notification option, and password. The moderator can also be disallowed from editing his or her own profile.

To edit a moderator, click on the edit icon ([Edit Icon]) next to the moderator you wish to edit. To change a moderator's profile, edit the "E-mail Address," "Full Name," and/or "E-mail Notification" settings. To set whether the moderator can edit his or her own profile, select "No" or "Yes" from the "Can edit profile" option. To save the changes you made, click on "Save Changes."

To change a moderator's password, type the new password into the "Enter New Password" text entry box and retype it into the "Retype New Password" text entry box. Then click on "Save Changed Password." The superuser cannot determine a moderator's password, however, as passwords are stored in an encrypted form. The superuser cannot change the superuser password from this screen; instead, the "Profile Manager" should be used to change the superuser's password.

Adding moderators

To add a moderator, under "Add a Moderator" enter the new moderator's (future) username into the "Username" text entry box. Enter the moderator's (future) password into the "Password" text entry box and retype the password into the "Verify Password" text entry box. Then click on "Add this Moderator."

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