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NewsLetter 34 - December 19, 2001:

Reminder Spin 2002 Workshop

The final deadline for submissions to the next Spin Workshop, Spin2002, is Friday December 21, 2001. Time to stop polishing that paper and submit!

Timeline Editor Tool

The timeline editor tool, originally developed for the specification of properties on the Bell Labs FeaVer project has now been released for external distribution. Properties can be specified in an intuitive, visual format, and then converted into Spin never-claims for use in model checking runs. For more information see the brief description at http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/timeedit More details are available from Margaret Smith at mhs@research.bell-labs.com.

Spin Version 3.4.12

The current version of Spin is 3.4.12. Version 3.4.11 appeared very briefly on the netlib distribution site, but it has some fatal flaws that make it quite unusable. So if you retrieved this version, it's time to upgrade...
All sources to Spin remain available through netlib as always. Precompiled executables are also online for Windows, SGI, and Linux machines, at:

End of Newsletter Nr. 34.

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